Viral Video: Man Treats Street Children To Dinner At 5-Star Hotel, Wins Hearts Online

A viral video shows a man taking the children who cleaned his car windows for dinner at a fine-dining restaurant.

Viral Video: Man Treats Street Children To Dinner At 5-Star Hotel, Wins Hearts Online

A viral video shows a man treating street kids to a feast (Photo Credit: Instagram/ kawalchhabra)

For many people, a swanky dinner at a high-end restaurant is an occasional treat. We save up and splurge on such a meal to celebrate a special occasion or achievement. Recently, a man took a group of children for one such luxurious dining experience. A viral video of their night out together has won many hearts online. Wondering why? It's because the children are not his relatives or acquaintances, but the ones who roam the streets to clean cars. Watching them enjoy such a rare opportunity has left several Instagram users misty-eyed.

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In the Instagram reel by @kawalchhabra, we see several children come up to the car and start cleaning the windows. The man rolls down the glass to speak to them. He asks them what they will do with the money they earn from their work. They reply that they will go and buy rotis from a vendor outside a nearby hotel. The man then invites all the kids to ride inside his vehicle. He takes them to the 5-star hotel and treats them to an indulgent buffet. He is seen talking and interacting with the children as they dig into yummy-looking dishes. He also helps them with tying their napkins and serving themselves the food. We could spot pizza and golgappa along with a range of crispy snacks and main course dishes. At the end of the video, he shares an inspirational message, "You should always try to make something special of yourself instead of trying to be like someone else. And one day, the world will aspire to be like you."

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In the caption, he states, "Seated together, their happiness was real, and it got to me. Seeing them enjoy the fancy meal was touching. They kept thanking me a hundred times, and it made the whole experience deeply emotional. I felt grateful for being able to create such unexpected, heartwarming moments. Life's beauty lies not just in personal victories but in sharing and making dreams come true for others." Watch the complete reel below.

The video has received more than 39 million views so far. Many Instagram users have applauded the man's efforts. Read some of the reactions below:

"Best video of the month."

"Sardar ji, hats off to you. Keep up the spirit."

"This gave me tears in my eyes."

"Immense respect for this guy."

"God bless you paji."

"It's good to see them happy, but sirf ek din?? Naah! Apko kuch aisa karna tha jisse wo har din 5 star toh nhi par 2 wqt ki roti aram se kha paye." ["It's good to see them happy, but only one day? No! You should do something so that they can easily have 2 basic meals a day, not necessarily a 5-star meal."]

"Chalo chaahe reel ke liye hi sahi ... bachhoo ko enjoy toh kara diya." ["Even if it's only for making a reel, at least he gave the children a good time."]

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