Viral Video Showing Fondue Being Poured Into Hollow Baguette Sets Internet Abuzz

A reel showing a person pouring fondue into a hollow baguette in Switzerland has left the internet mesmerised. Read the reactions below.

Viral Video Showing Fondue Being Poured Into Hollow Baguette Sets Internet Abuzz

A viral video shows fondue being poured into bread. (Photo: Instagram/thatcheeseplate)

For cheese lovers, seeing oozing hot liquid cheese being added to anything is an unbeatable sensation. Just the sight is enough to make our mouths water and leave us craving this ultimate indulgence. If you're already hungry, we warn you against watching a viral video shot in Switzerland that has taken the Internet by storm. It shows a person pouring fondue inside a hollowed-out baguette loaf (a type of French bread). We bet this is a form of 'cheese sandwich' many of you haven't come across before! It is locally known as a "Chasbangel." Watch the video below:

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The Instagram reel has already received more than 16 million views. According to the caption, this "magical" delight can be found at the Christmas market in Montreux, Switzerland. People online have been left fascinated by this delicacy. Many have expressed their "need" to taste it right away. Several have joked about planning trips to Switzerland just to try it. A few have expressed concern about eating it without burning their mouths. Check out some of the reactions below:

"I'm curious, how do you eat it? Are you biting off pieces and fondue is running everywhere? I love bread and fondue but I think I would make the biggest mess trying to eat this!"

"This looks amazing! But now I need to see how to eat it!"

"I'll be having dreams about this tonight."

"I burned my tongue watching this."

"Looks more like scalding hot burns."

"BRB getting on a flight rn."

Before this, a viral video showing liquid cheese being poured like a sheet on top of a loaded plate grabbed many eyeballs online. Unlike the Swiss fondue, however, this dish received a lot of negative reactions. Click here to read the full story.

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