Woman Posts Restaurant's QR Code On Social Media, Billed Around Rs. 50 Lakh

A woman in China was recently shocked with a bill of around Rs. 50 lakhs after she unknowingly shared a restaurant's QR code on social media.

Woman Posts Restaurant's QR Code On Social Media, Billed Around Rs. 50 Lakh

A woman in China mistakenly posted her table's QR code, with an unforeseen result

Do you love to post pictures on social media while eating out? Many of us enjoy clicking aesthetic photos of our meals and sharing them on different platforms. Recently, a woman in China also innocently followed the same practice - that has almost become a new-age tradition. However, her actions had an unforeseen consequence that has now made headlines worldwide. After dining with her friend at a hotpot restaurant in Kunming, she was presented with a bill adding up to a staggering 430,000 yuan (more than INR 50 Lakhs). What shocked her was that she had not actually ordered all the items she was charged for.

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Here's what exactly transpired. The woman, surnamed Wang, had posted a few pictures of her meal on her WeChat Moments page. One of the photos contained her table's QR code - which is meant to facilitate orders and payment. As per South China Morning Post, although her page had restricted viewing and could only be seen by her contacts in WeChat, "that list included a large number of people who began to scan the code." The orders they placed using that QR code were therefore billed to Wang's table.

South China Morning has reported that "people ordered 1,850 portions of fresh duck blood, 2,580 portions of squid and 9,990 portions of shrimp paste," according to a screenshot of the order the woman later posted online. Wang was reportedly unaware of this fact until a staff member came up to the table to confirm the exorbitant order. The restaurant did not charge her the amount in the end - she was simply moved to another table.

Wang has since deleted the post, but the orders added to the tab continued. The news has also led to much concern and public debate online. According to China Daily, the hot pot restaurant has since adjusted its ordering system, limiting the distance from which orders can be placed, in order to prevent such an incident from taking place again.

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