Watch: This DIY Butter Candle Video Has 73 Million Views, But Internet Is Divided

Videos showing how to make and use butter candles have taken the internet by storm again. However, some health concerns have also come up.

Watch: This DIY Butter Candle Video Has 73 Million Views, But Internet Is Divided

Butter candles have gone viral again. (Photo: Instagram/ allinspiredwellness)

Around February 2023, the trend of preparing butter candles had taken the internet by storm. As the name suggests, these are edible candles made from butter. As the wick is lit and the candle melts, people are supposed to scoop up the butter and relish it with bread and/or other food items. More recently, videos showing how to make and use butter candles have gone viral again on different social media platforms. Is this a trend you should be following blindly? Many people have raised concerns about how safe these DIY candles are, in terms of consumption.

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Let us first take you through one of the recipes for butter candles that caught our attention. While there are many videos out there, this particular Instagram reel has more than 73 million views. The content creator shows how to make this unique candle using only butter, a paper cup and a wick. She first melts the butter and explains that "you can mix in your favourite herbs if desired." She then pours the melted butter into the cup while holding the wick in the centre. She tapes the wick so it doesn't move and keeps the cup in the freezer for around an hour.

She then demonstrates how to make a pull-apart bread 'holder' for the butter candle. Later, once the butter has solidified, she peels the cup off and places the candle in the centre of the hollowed-out loaf. According to her, it takes about 15 minutes after lighting the candle for the butter to become "dippable." Watch the complete reel here:

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People have had mixed reactions to the idea of butter candles. In the comment section of this reel, many have expressed curiosity and interest in trying to make them. However, others have found it too bizarre for their taste. Some have even pointed out the possible concerns, although the content creator has specified that she has used a food-safe wick in the caption. Read some of the reactions below.

"Sorry, I am doing this at Christmas despite all the people who think this is terrible."

"This weirded me out."

"Wow, I'm embarrassed because I really liked this idea."

"If you liked this be sure to check out my car exhaust slow-cooked organic chicken."

"I love this concept but concerned about eating wick-contaminated butter?"

"Everyone is worried about the wick. I'm just like dang that's a lot of butter. I think it's cute though."

"Experienced candle maker here. I have literally died doing this!"

It is important to note that one should not use any type of wick for butter candles. Rely on edible wicks such as those made from organic hemp and coated with beeswax. It is essential to check if the wicks are made from food-grade materials, or you could fall ill after consuming butter candles. Even if you don't eat the wick itself, the heating action may release unhealthy elements into the candle. This festive season, ensure you practice safety before you jump on the bandwagon of butter candles!

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