"People Eating Trees Now"? Viral Video Of Woman Biting Into 'Potted Plant' Gets Over 50 Million Views

A reel featuring a woman biting into what looks to be a potted plant has raised many eyebrows online. Read to know how people reacted to it.

'People Eating Trees Now'? Viral Video Of Woman Biting Into 'Potted Plant' Gets Over 50 Million Views

A viral video shows a woman consuming a 'plant' in a pot (Photo Credit: Instagram/ sthefannyoliveiratv)

In today's age of bizarre food videos, many of us are unfazed by highly unusual dishes and/or eating habits. From strange food combinations to nonsensical culinary practices, videos of different kinds have gone viral. However, have you ever seen someone try to eat a potted plant? Recently, a reel showing a person who seems to be doing so (at first glance) has taken Instagram by storm. It has clocked over 50 million views on the platform so far and received a range of reactions.

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In the reel by @sthefannyoliveiratv, we see the vlogger go outdoors and bite into what looks to be a potted plant. She takes a large piece off the pot which seems to be filled with soil. However, in the remaining part of the video, she shows us how she actually made this 'potted plant' from scratch, which is actually a chocolate creation. She first cuts a big bar of chocolate into smaller chunks and then melts them in the microwave. Once done, she carefully pours the melted chocolate inside a thermocol cup. She uses it as a mould for the pot, pouring the chocolate such that the insides are coated fully but there is a hollow space in the centre. She places the cup inside the refrigerator to allow the chocolate to set. Later, she cuts and peels away the cup and separates the small chocolate 'pot'. She places it upside down on a plate and dusts it with cocoa powder to give it a rough, naturally 'muddy' look.

Next, she opens a pack of Oreos and separates the white cream filling in the centre from the chocolate biscuits. She collects the latter in a bag and pounds them together to make a soil-like crumble. She fills the chocolate pot with pieces of chocolate cake and tops them with the Oreo crumble. Finally, she places a stalk of a plant with leaves in the middle, to make it look like it is 'growing' from the chocolate soil. Watch the full viral video below:

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In the comments, many Instagram users confessed that, at first, they thought she was eating an actual pot. Some believed it was a new trend. Read some of the reactions below:

"I really thought she was eating dirt".

"Okay, you got me."

"That's not fair. If someone just saw the first part then...."

"Bruh, I thought she got like dirt chunks, cut 'em up, and then melted them then froze them, then put loose dirt around it, wasn't until the Oreos that I realized it was all chocolate lol."

"Thank goodness for that ending because I was beginning to lose it."

"TBH I just expected this to be an authentic form of internet content. Just ... people eating trees now..."

"I am more concerned about why your fridge is empty."

What did you think of this viral video? Let us know in the comments below.

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