Italian Husband Tries Indian Wife's Masala Pasta, Watch His Reaction

A viral video showing a Italian man sampling a plate of Indian "masala pasta" has grabbed many eyeballs on Instagram. Find out how users reacted.

Italian Husband Tries Indian Wife's Masala Pasta, Watch His Reaction

Photo Credit: Instagram/ paneer.and.parmigiano

Pasta is originally an Italian delicacy. However, it has become the subject of various kinds of food experiments around the globe. Thus, one may find different versions of it in several regions. In India, many people enjoy cooking it with our own spices and ingredients to make "masala pasta." This fusion dish has its supporters and detractors. But have you ever wondered what an Italian might think about this desi pasta? A recent video showing this has taken the Internet by storm and stirred up a fresh debate on Instagram.

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In the Instagram reel by @paneer.and.parmigiano, we see an Italian man tasting a dish in a kitchen. The text on the video reads, "Italian husband tries Indian masala pasta". After taking a bite of the pasta, he takes a moment or two before responding. His verdict is: "It just doesn't go. The sauce, the masala is nice, it just doesn't go with the pasta. That's very weird. It's the kind of taste that I would expect from chicken or paneer. I feel that flavour and then I feel the pasta together and I say, "What is that?" It's like Nutella on pasta". Watch the full reel here:

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The viral video has received 446K views so far. It has sparked a range of reactions on Instagram. While some people agree with him, others feel differently. A few have appreciated his level-headed and candid opinion. Read some of the reactions below:

"An Italian won't understand the essence of masala in Indian pasta."

"But props for being so sweet and polite in expressing his dislike."

"I agree with Parmigiano... Masala Spices don't go well with the texture of pasta. Some might like it. But I won't call it a proper recipe."

"Don't show him how they make street-style pasta."

"Bro is spot on. Fusion cuisine's biggest flaw is combining textures that don't match with the flavours."

"I agree with him. Indian masalas and spices are amazing but not in Italian food."

"In fact, food is not universal, each region has different tastes according to their likes."

"Unpopular opinion: masala pasta doesn't taste good at all. (I've been eating it my whole life and still don't like it, I'd rather not eat any pasta than eat it)."

What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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