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Watch: Making Of Goan Bread Poie Goes Viral, Internet Praises Bakers

Goan Bread Poie: A viral video capturing the making of the famous Goan bread, poie, has captured the Internet's attention and received positive responses online.

Watch: Making Of Goan Bread Poie Goes Viral, Internet Praises Bakers

A viral video takes us behind the scenes at a Goan bakery. (Photo Credit: Instagram/ finding_feni)

Different types of bread are an integral part of our culinary heritage in India. The ingredients and techniques involved in their making reflect the rich diversity of regional cuisines. When it comes to the western part of India, the state of Goa is well-known for its delicious kinds of bread. One of the most famous delicacies is Poie: a flattish, round-shaped bread made using maida as well as whole wheat. A recent video capturing the making of this Goan bread, and paying homage to its traditional bakers, has taken the Internet by storm.

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Poie (pictured top left) is commonly eaten for breakfast in Goa, or with curries during other meals

Poie (pictured top left) is commonly eaten for breakfast in Goa, or with curries during other meals. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

In the Instagram reel by Rohan Barbosa (@finding_feni), we get 'behind the scenes' glimpses into the preparation of poie from scratch. We see the workers of the bakery measuring and mixing different ingredients for the dough. While some parts of the process are done by hand, others are mechanised. Once the dough is ready, they are shaped into small roundels, which are then lined up on a mat. Along with poie, we can also see other types of bread being made. The poie is baked in a traditional wall furnace and the pieces are handled with a long rod.

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In the caption, the vlogger explains that he shot the now-viral video at one of the bakeries in his village. The Tavares bakery was "established in 1956 by Mr. Ligorio Tavares and is successfully run by his two sons, Romy Tavares and Bartholomeo Tavares, with their families," he specifies. The reel is meant to honour the hard work of the "poder," the traditional Goan bakers whom the vlogger calls "the real unsung heroes". Watch the complete reel here:

The viral video has received more than 221K views and more than 11K likes so far. The vlogger calls on people to "thank our Poders for their tireless devotion to this age-old craft that sustains us all". The comment section is full of positive remarks about the efforts of the bakers as well as appreciation for their creations. Check out some of the reactions below:

"Wow so nicely captured the freshness of pav/unde. Every Goan will be tempted just like me."
"Amazing work by hard-working bakers. We have to be mindful that there were not too many original bakers remaining. They need all our support and uplifting. Don't hesitate to spend an extra rupee because there's a lot of work behind the scenes. This is our heritage."
"That's Goa right there! Love this!"
"Where in Goa is this bakery located? Would love to stop by on my next visit! I've never had the bread, but traditions like this definitely warm the heart and thank you for celebrating the Goan Poder."
"Oh wow. The colour on those Poie."
"I can smell this from my phone".
"It looks so nice to see the tradition is still on for us to get this bread - the taste and sweet fragrance of the bread."

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