"Positive Energy And Delicious Food" - A Look At Karisma Kapoor's Amritsar Trip

Karisma Kapoor's Amritsar trip did not just include a visit to The Golden Temple. She also ensured she savoured many local delicacies.

'Positive Energy And Delicious Food' - A Look At Karisma Kapoor's Amritsar Trip

Karisma Kapoor recently enjoyed Amritsari food (Photo Credit: Instagram/ therealkarismakapoor)

Amritsar is known to be a haven for foodies. From lesser-known local delicacies to popular treats like chhole-kulche, this city has much to offer to culinary enthusiasts. Among the celebrities who recently sampled its delights is Karisma Kapoor. Every time Karisma jets off to a new location, she leaves behind a drool-worthy foodie trail. And this time was no different. She has shared a series of photos from her day trip to the holy city. One of Karisma's first stops was, of course, The Golden Temple. In the opening frame, she was seen posing with the Temple in the background. But our attention was caught by the array of food items featured in the photos that followed.

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In one of the pictures, Karisma was seen relishing scrumptious North Indian delicacies. We caught glimpses of Amritsari stuffed churchur naan with a bowl full of dal makhani, chhole, shahi paneer, and plain rice. She also enjoyed kulhad lassi, raita and kheer, which were kept next to two slices of bread pakoda. In the caption, she wrote, "Positive energy and delicious food. A wonderful day spent in Amritsar."

Karisma Kapoor's Amritsar diaries came just a few days after the actress triggered our biryani cravings with her Instagram Stories. She dropped an image, showing an earthen pot full of aromatic biryani. Besides this delicious dish, Karisma's plate also included a serving of the flavorful rice dish, matka filled with cold raita, and two little bowls: one with zesty green chutney and the other with crunchy onions in it. The actress relished this feast in the heart of Delhi. Karisma shared the picture with the text, "Baatein or biryani [conversations and biryani]..." followed by an orange heart emoji. Read the full story here

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Remember when Karisma Kapoor confessed that she would pick biryani over boyfriends? The actress, who is a foodie at heart, dropped a couple of pictures of herself digging in a plate full of biryani. In the opening frame, she's seen looking at a plate of biryani. Sporting a cap, the Bollywood star seems to be so enamoured by the plate that she isn't even interested in looking at the lens. However, it's her cheeky caption that caught our attention. Referring to the text on her cap, she wrote, "I don't do boyfriends...I do biryani". Check out the full story here

We can't wait to get more updates about Karisma Kapoor's other gastronomical adventures in North India.