Watch: Person Makes Turkish Coffee While Cycling, Internet In Disbelief

A viral video showing a person brewing coffee while cycling has received a lot of interest online. Check out how Instagram users reacted below.

Watch: Person Makes Turkish Coffee While Cycling, Internet In Disbelief

A viral video shows a person making a hot beverage on a bike (Photo Credit: Instagram/ davooodism)

Performing two physical tasks that require ample concentration simultaneously is not easy. Dividing our mental resources between the two actions becomes quite a challenge, and we may fumble in completing one or both of them. This is why, when we come across people managing to juggle such tasks almost flawlessly, we are left in awe. Recently, an Instagram reel showing a person brewing Turkish coffee while cycling has taken the internet by storm. In the video, we see the person first setting up a small wooden board across the handlebars of his bike. He covers it with a gingham cloth and then begins removing the basic utensils needed to make the coffee.

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He mixes the coffee granules with hot water and heats it on a mini stove. Once brewed, he pours it into a paper cup. At the end, he is seen handing over the fresh coffee to a customer, without stopping his cycle.

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The reel has received 5 million views so far. In the comments, many people were left amazed at the person's skills. Others wondered about what happens behind the scenes. Here's how some Instagram users reacted:

"Pulling the equipment out of his inventory."

"Bro takes his job seriously."

"Bro was sleepy guys he just needed some caffeine!"

"Your mom on a car road trip be like."

"I wish my life had this balance."

"Now we want to see the scenes of the filming."

"I would have fallen off from the very moment I left my first hand."

Before this, a reel showing a person apparently cooking a steak while driving grabbed many eyeballs online. In this case, people were more concerned than impressed. Read the full story here.

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