"My Teeth Hurt" - Woman Makes 'Popsicle Popcorn', Internet Cringes

A viral video shows a woman melting stick ice creams to flavour popcorn. Read to know how people online reacted to it.

'My Teeth Hurt' - Woman Makes 'Popsicle Popcorn', Internet Cringes

A viral video shows the making of 'popsicle popcorn' (Photo Credit: Instagram/ butwouldyoueat)

Crunchy, fresh popcorn is considered the perfect snack for a party or a movie night. This delight comes in many sweet as well as savoury flavours. Salted, cheese, chilli, caramel, etc. are some of the popular varieties. But there are also several offbeat and experimental versions. For instance, a video currently making the rounds online shows the making of 'popsicle popcorn'. The name might not seem bizarre, but the exact preparation has failed to win much approval online. People seem to have many concerns when it comes to this fusion dish. 

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In the Instagram reel shared on the page @butwouldyoueat, we see a person placing a chocolate ice cream popsicle in the centre of a pan. She proceeds to pour some oil around it, followed by a thick ring of salt. Using a spatula, she presses the popsicle and moves it around to help it melt faster. Next, she adds popcorn kernels to the pan and 'folds' the melted chocolate mixture along with it. She then adds another ice cream popsicle and shakes the pan before covering it. After the kernels have popped, she flips the pan over a baking tray. She drizzles the popcorn with caramel sauce as well as chocolate syrup. Finally, she adds M&Ms on top of her creation. She suggests chilling the dish in the freezer for the best taste. Watch the full reel below:

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The video has received 1.3 million views so far. Although the Internet is no stranger to sweet-and-salty combinations, this one did not sit well with most Instagram users. A few people expressed interest in it: "I can't say I have ever seen this before, makes me want to try it out at home." But a majority of the comments were negative:

"My teeth hurt."
"This made me mad."
"There's no way that that tastes good whatsoever lol."
"I almost passed out at the salt. After she added the chocolate syrup my body was filled with rage."
"Did I miss her pulling the sticks out?"
"The fact that you can doesn't mean you should."
"Just use chocolate syrup?"
"Two perfectly wonderful, ice cream bars destroyed!"

Before this, a video featuring 'watermelon popcorn' took the Internet by storm. The pink-coloured snack was eye-catching for more reasons than one. Read the full story here.

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