Watch: Unique Hack To 'Slice' Takeaway Pizza Gets 23 Million Views

A video showing how to slice pizza using the small white table-like tool has gone viral. Read to know how people reacted to it.

Watch: Unique Hack To 'Slice' Takeaway Pizza Gets 23 Million Views

One of the latest food hacks going viral involves pizza (Photo Credit: Instagram/ @rowheimfarooqui)

The internet can often make our lives easier by introducing us to new ways of accomplishing tasks. Many different types of cooking tips and kitchen hacks often go viral. While some are downright bizarre, others prove to be surprisingly effective. Recently, a video showing a unique way to slice takeaway pizza efficiently has taken the internet by storm. With over 23 million views, this hack has sparked a wide range of reactions online. What has captured people's interest is the tool used for separating the pizza slices.

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In the Instagram reel by @rowheimfarooqui, we see a person holding down pizza slices using the small white table-like tool often found in takeaway boxes. (This tool is also known as a pizza saver or pizza stool). Keeping one part of the pizza in place, he uses his other hand to break the slice neatly. The text on the video reads, "How old were you when you learned what this little tool on the pizza box did?" In the caption, the vlogger claims, "A Domino's employee told me this!!" Watch the full reel here:

The video has 714K likes and more than 3.5K comments so far. Instagram users have not shied away from expressing their opinion of this hack as well as their original conception of the white tool. Read some of the reactions below:

"Actually it's to stop the pizza from touching the top of the box."
"I thought it was so the pizza lid didn't hit...then you use it as a Barbie table."
"I totally thought that was a bistro table for my Barbies on the deck of their Hamptons mansion."
"I definitely used it as furniture for my dolls and occasionally to make perfect shapes when you draw."
"Bro I used to think that was a mini-sized table toy."
"I still believe this is a small table for bugs and nothing can change my mind!"
"I'm convinced that thing has a million different purposes and it just depends on how creative you are to discover them."

What did you think of this viral pizza hack? Let us know in the comments below.

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