Fruit In Momo? Internet Doesn't Approve Of These Pineapple Momos

Viral Video: A clip showing a person making pineapple momos has sparked a spate of angry reactions online. Find out more below.

Fruit In Momo? Internet Doesn't Approve Of These Pineapple Momos

Momos stuffed with pineapple have gone viral (Photo Credit: Instagram/ @sun_kaha_chale)

Momos are among the most beloved street foods in certain parts of the country. These pocket-sized snacks have several types of stuffing, including veg and non-veg options. Momos are typically known to be a savoury delight. You may find a chocolate momo in some places, but that's usually the extent of it. Recently, a video showing another kind of non-savoury momo has taken the Internet by storm. Filled with raw pineapple stuffing, this viral fruit momo has failed to find fans online.

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In the Instagram reel shared by @sun_kaha_chale, we see a person cutting a pineapple slice into small pieces. He then fills a momo wrapper with the fruit and seals it in a distinctive style. He places the momos in a steamer to cook and later deep-fries them until crisp and golden. The vlogger then breaks open the snack to reveal the stuffing inside. The text on the video simply reads, "Pineapple momos." The location has not been revealed. Watch the full video here:

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The reel has received 523K views so far. The comment section has exploded with different kinds of critical remarks. Instagram users seem unanimously against the idea of these pineapple momos. Read some of the reactions below:

"Mai roya ye momo dekh dekh ke." ["I cried on seeing this momo."]
"RIP momos."
"I don't even eat pineapple in my pizza."
"Justice for momos."
"I would rather pay the person who eats them."
"Bhai chutney aur mayo reh gayi."["Chutney and mayonnaise are remaining to be added."]
"Maggie ke baad momos ki bari." ["After Maggi, it's momos' turn."]
"That's disrespectful."
"So much hate from Delhi."

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