"Yeh Kya Dekh Liya?" Internet Gives Thumbs Down To 'Dry Fruit Pizza'

Dry Fruit Pizza Viral Video: Among the latest bizarre street foods going viral is something known as "dry fruit pizza." Find out how people reacted below.

'Yeh Kya Dekh Liya?' Internet Gives Thumbs Down To 'Dry Fruit Pizza'

A video showing a strange dry fruit pizza has gone viral (Photo Credit: Instagram/ @foodie_bhuro)

Although pizza is an Italian delicacy, it has been adopted and modified in different ways around the world. India is no stranger to unusual pizza flavours. This cheesy delight is relished as street food in many corners of the country. In some of these places, pizza has become the subject of strange food experiments. Among the most recent ones grabbing eyeballs online is "dry fruit pizza." According to the caption of the Instagram reel, this bizarre food item can be found at Manek Chowk in Ahmedabad.

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The video by user @foodie_bhuro opens with a food vendor spreading a red sauce over a small pizza base. He adds a few raisins and cashew nuts on top. He then cuts the pizza into six slices and places it in the oven to cook. Once done, he grates a generous amount of cheese over the pizza. He finishes it off with a garnish of extra raisins and cashews. The blogger has mentioned that this pizza costs Rs. 180, which is overpriced, according to him. The text on the video reads, "First time in India - dry fruit pizza." Watch the full reel here:

The video has received 1.7 million views so far. In the comments, Instagram users expressed their dislike of this fusion to varying degrees. Read some of the reactions below.

"Make it the last time in India too."
"Wastage of dry fruit."
"As an Indian, I humbly apologise to all the Italians!! Plz, forgive us."
"Call it anything, BUT pizza!"
"Yeh kya dekh liyaa; pizza nahi ab. Pehle Chai ke sath hua fir momos aur ab yeh bhi. Sab favorites ko barbaad." ["What have I seen? Pizza no longer. First, this happened with tea, then momos and now this. All favourites spoiled."]
"Please don't do this to pizza."
"I'm still reeling with the trauma of people liking pineapple on pizza. After watching this, it feels like pineapple hi thik tha." ["...It feels like pineapple was only okay."]

Before this, a video showing the preparation of 'Maggi Curd Pizza' angered foodies online. Read the full story here.

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