From Taaza All Day Breakfast To Chicha's Asli Hyderabadi Khana, Food Safety Violations At More Telangana Restaurants

Serious food safety issues have been uncovered at several popular restaurants in Hyderabad after recent inspections conducted by the Food Safety Department of Telangana.

From Taaza All Day Breakfast To Chicha's Asli Hyderabadi Khana, Food Safety Violations At More Telangana Restaurants

The Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana, has inspected more restaurants. (Photo: X/cfs_telangana)

Special Teams of the Food Safety Department of Telangana have been conducting food safety inspections in different parts of Telangana over the past few days. The official X (formerly Twitter) handle of the Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana, has recently shared a list of several more restaurants violating food safety regulations, after inspections were conducted in Rangareddy district limits and Khammam District on May 26, 2024. The task force team also conducted inspections in the Masab Tank area on May 24, 2024. From "bad quality" vegetables that are "unfit for consumption" to "rat faeces found in the store room", the list of violations has left everyone shocked, especially people who used to frequently eat at these restaurants.

Following Are The Restaurants Inspected By The Food Safety Department:

The Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana, wrote on X, "Special Teams have conducted inspections in Rangareddy district limits on 26.05.2024." Here are the restaurants along with their list of food safety violations:

1. Taaza All Day Breakfast, Medchal

  • Food colours found in store room discarded.
  • Vegetables and lemons of bad quality and unfit for consumption were discarded.
  • Dalchini found in the store was not in proper condition and so discarded.
  • Medical records of food handlers not available.
  • Unlabelled tea powder, infested foxtail millet (korralu) found and discarded.
  • A pest control programme is not initiated.

2. Train Theme Restaurant, Kompally

  • Infested cashew stock found.
  • Cauliflower and onion in bad condition found.
  • Blockage of water in sink observed.
  • Statutory samples were collected and sent to the lab.

3. Prism Restaurant And Bar, Vattinagulapally

  • Expired food items found.
  • Rat faeces found in the store room.
  • Vegetables stored for a long time in the refrigerator were found to be substandard.
  • Stagnant water and a foul smell were observed in the kitchen.

The next post added, "Special Teams have conducted inspections in Khammam District on 26.05.2024."

4. Rest Inn, Khammam

  • Synthetic food colours used in food preparation.
  • Colour-coated and spoiled Tandoori chicken, Marinated chicken, Fried Chicken, and Chicken Kebab were discarded.
  • Improperly labelled Coconut Powder (6.5kg), Noodles (30.5kg) and unlabelled Turmeric Powder (60kg) were seized.
  • Improper storage of semi-prepared and raw food articles in the refrigerator without proper labelling and proper covering. Temperature was not being maintained.
  • Food handlers found without hair caps, gloves and aprons. Medical fitness certificates for food handlers and pest control records were not found.
  • Water analysis report for RO water being used is not available.

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5. High Spirit Restaurant, Bypass Road, Khammam

  • Usage of synthetic food colours was traced.
  • Improperly labelled Dryfruits Saunf (5kg) and Coconut Powder (5kg) were seized.
  • Chilli of substandard quality was seized. Samples were sent to the lab.
  • Expired food articles found and discarded.
  • Food handlers found without haircaps, gloves and aprons. Annual medical records of food handlers were not found.
  • Improper storage of veg and non-veg food in the refrigerator, prepared and semi-prepared food without cover observed.

6. Haveli Westside, NTR Bypass Road, Khammam

  • Synthetic food colours found and destroyed.
  • Expired Rice Rawa, Papad was seized and discarded.
  • Improperly labelled Penne Rigate, Apricot, Cashews, Vinegar and Jeera Powder seized.
  • Required hygiene is not maintained within the cooking area. Rusted machinery found.
  • Food handlers were found without proper hairnets and aprons.
  • No pest control measures are being followed.

The next post shared, "Task force team has conducted inspections in Masab Tank area on 24.05.2024."

7. Paradise Food Court

  • The FSSAI licence true copy was displayed at the billing counter.
  • Food handlers were found wearing hair caps, and gloves and with medical fitness certificates.
  • Raw materials, semi-prepared and prepared food articles were found covered and labelled properly as per FSSAI regulations.
  • Pest control records are maintained by the FBO.
  • The FBO was found supplying Dhaara Brand packaged water bottles and upon testing on the spot, the TDS Levels were found to be 73 ppm. Samples of the said water bottles were sent to the lab for analysis.

It is worth noting that while mentioned under the list of inspections, there is no violation pointer mentioned for Paradise Food Court. Lab analysis results are pending.

8. Lebanese Bites

  • Synthetic food colours found in the kitchen were discarded on the spot.
  • Semi-prepared and raw food articles were stored together without proper labelling and covering on them.
  • Medical fitness certificate and pest control records not available.
  • Dustbins were found open without proper lids.
  • The FSSAI License true copy was not displayed on the premises.

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9. Chicha's Asli Hyderabadi Khana, Masab Tank

  • Synthetic food colours found in the kitchen were discarded on the spot.
  • Operating with registration instead of state license.
  • Veg and non-veg, raw and semi-prepared food were stored together without proper labels and covering.
  • No proper mesh or barrier for kitchen windows to avoid entry of pests. Pest control records are not available.
  • Medical fitness certificates and pest control records are not available with FBO.