Mumbai Restaurant Denies Alleged Video Of Drain Cleaning With Frying Net

In the video, we could see an employee of the restaurant cleaning drain with what looks like a frying net. Read on.

Mumbai Restaurant Denies Alleged Video Of Drain Cleaning With Frying Net

The cleaning video took the internet by storm (Photo Credit: X/@sirajnoorani)

A recent video of alleged malpractice in a restaurant in Mumbai is taking the internet by storm. According to a post on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), an employee of a restaurant named Istanbul Darbar was seen cleaning drain gunk using a kitchen utensil. The video is all over the internet now, with hundreds of people, including the restaurant owner reacting to it. Let's share the details with you.

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The video begins with an employee, in his uniform, allegedly cleaning the drain with what looks like a big frying net. In the video, what shocked us even more was the fact that the person seemed to ignore and continue with the job even after noticing someone filming the incident. We could see him covering the drain after cleaning it properly.

"There is a hotel called ISTANBUL DARBAR near Kalpana Theater on Kurla West LBS Road, Mumbai, which is said to serve delicious food. Be careful if you eat something fried. Know the truth behind it," journalist Siraj Noorani wrote, along with the video, he shared on the platform X. He further wrote, "In this viral video, hotel staff can be seen cleaning the dirt from the drain with the help of a chicken frying net."

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Watch the video here:

In no time, people started reacting to this incident strongly. That's not all. The video seemed to have grabbed the attention of the restaurant too, who promptly shared a clarification on Instagram.

In a video on Instagram, the restaurant owner explains (in Hindi), "This is a clarification regarding the video that surfaced online. The utensil shown in the video is strictly used for cleaning purposes. It has nothing to do with food preparation. No restaurant would want to hurt the sentiments of its customers. So, please be careful of the videos that surfaced online. Here, we follow the hygiene norms strictly. And its our priority to keep up the hygiene level of our restaurant."

Watch the detailed clarification video here:

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