From Biryani To Gol Gappa: Internet Trend Makes Foodies Confess It All

If you are a foodie like us, then this social media trend is just for you. Read on for details.

From Biryani To Gol Gappa: Internet Trend Makes Foodies Confess It All

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Nothing is more comforting than satisfying your inner foodie with your favourite dish. Be it biryani, gol gappa or simple dal chawal with achaar, there is always one dish whose mere mention leaves our taste buds tingling. Now this irresistible urge of indulging in your guilty pleasure has sparked a trend on social media. And needless to say, desi foodies' participation in the same has left the internet ablaze. As part of the viral trend, internet users are sharing that one dish which causes them to lose their self-control. What's the outcome? Well, the internet is flooded with countless mouthwatering dishes. Sharing a picture of their favourite dish, the users simply added the text, "My self-control disappears when it comes to:" The first dish was every non-veg lover's favourite. No point in guessing that it was a picture of a plate full of chicken biryani, served along with some onion and raita.

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Next up, we were treated to an image of a plate full of puris topped with some flavourful masalas, pomegranate, coriander leaves, bhujia and chopped onion. In the picture, it was placed next to two bowls of gol gappa water.

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Pani puri was one of the top favourite dishes on the internet. Along with the picture of gol gappas filled with boiled potato and coriander leaves, a user wrote, "My self-control disappears when it comes to:"

What's winter without steamy hot gajar ka halwa? Agreed? Well, we do too. We also caught glimpses of bright orange gajar ka halwa, topped with some cashews.

A few users also shared glimpses of crushed samosas with sweet and spicy chutney on top of it. Are you drooling already? Wait there is more.

This spicy delight was followed by the posts of some tea lovers. The post included a video, showing the making of masala chai, by a roadside vendor. Next, we had every desi foodie's favourite dessert, gulab jamun. Check out the video here:

Crispy salty fries also made it to the list.

Chicken lover's favourite -- hot wings -- also truly left us drooling all over our phone screens.