"Last Pic Burnt My Tongue" - Zomato's Hot Take On The Viral "Make It More" Trend

Food delivery brand Zomato recently shared its take on the viral ChatGPT trend "make it more." Featuring a cup of coffee getting hotter, it added a relatable twist at the end.

'Last Pic Burnt My Tongue' - Zomato's Hot Take On The Viral 'Make It More' Trend

Zomato has jumped on the bandwagon of the "make it more" trend with a relatable post

Have you come across the "Make It More" trend yet? This viral ChatGPT prompt is taking the internet by storm at present. It involves asking the AI-powered tool to generate a series of images, in which each successive image shows an enhancement of a particular feature. Many people have applied it to their favourite foods and drinks. For instance, popular food delivery platform Zomato recently jumped on this trend and shared their own relatable take on it. The brand has decided to focus on coffee in its post. 

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In the Instagram carousel, the first picture features the initial prompt to "make a cup of hot coffee". The corresponding image is displayed. Next, we see that Zomato has asked ChatGPT to make the coffee "hotter". Accordingly, the image generated shows a bubbling hot cup on fire, with what looks to be melted sugar flowing down the sides. The next image shows the "hottest" cup of coffee: the liquid in this one has a fiery orange colour and also has flames on top of it. The molten contents and heat are reflected in the background motifs as well.

It is the next image that has particularly caught our interest. Zomato has asked ChatGPT, "Aisi coffee banao jo jeeb jala de". ["Make such a coffee that will burn one's tongue."] Instead of showing an AI-generated image, however, the brand has added an image of a specific coffee maker. This is a nod to the scalding hot beverage typically generated by this appliance. The caption reads, "best thing at Indian weddings". Take a look at the post below:

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The post has already received more than 10K likes. Several Instagram users have found the idea quite interesting. Read some of the reactions below:

"Wo pyaar hi kya jo dard na de." ["What kind of love would it be if it wasn't painful?"]

"Should've been Chai GPT."

"This coffee is sweeter than sugar."

"The last pic burnt my tongue."

"Coffee banadega chatgpt but adrak elaichi wali kadak masale wali chai nahi." ["ChatGPT can make coffee but it won't be able to make that strong masala tea with ginger."]

Before this, other food-related instances of the "Make It More" prompt have gone viral. They feature food items like ramen, biryani, burgers and, in one amusing post, a bodybuilder reminiscent of a croissant. Intrigued? Check out the full story here.

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