This Article is From Jan 25, 2023

Vijay Deverakonda Just "Bought Part Of A Sports Team" - Details Here

The actor has announced the development in a video

Vijay Deverakonda Just 'Bought Part Of A Sports Team' - Details Here

Vijay Deverakond shared this picture. (courtesy: thedeverakonda)

Vijay Deverakonda is a man who wears many hats. He is also a successful entrepreneur and runs his fashion brand Rowdy Wear. Now, Vijay Deverakonda has widened his horizons by buying a part of a team, Hyderabad Black Hawks, in the Prime Volleyball League. The announcement video features glimpses of the team in action and Vijay Deverakonda interacting with the players. The clip also features the actor's voiceover. He says, “We have a new team to represent our Telugu states. Black Hawks Hyderabad. The team has a new co-owner, Vijay Deverakonda. I bought part of a sports team. Our team needs all your support and blessings. Our team will play its heart out this season and take it to the next level. I am sure we will entertain you with great Volleyball.”

In the caption, Vijay Deverakonda wrote, “The Hyderabad Black Hawks. A deadly fierce team! So happy to be part of this beautiful, pacy, explosive sport- Volleyball. We hope to make the Telugu states proud and win the Prime volleyball leagues 2023 season. #BlackHawksHyderabad #HawkAttack.”

Meanwhile, Vijay Deverakonda is set to star as a police officer in director Gowtam Tinnanuri's upcoming film. In a social media post, Vijay Deverakonda revealed that when he first read the script, it made his heart skip a beat. He stated, "The Script. The Team. My next. My heart skipped a few beats when I heard this. #VD12." The poster for the film, which features Vijay Deverakonda in a khaki uniform and police cap, also includes a burning ship and a text that reads, “Don't know where I belong to tell you whom I betrayed – Anonymous spy.”

Vijay Deverakonda recently spoke about the failure of his Bollywood debut film Liger, in which he starred alongside Ananya Panday. The film was directed by Puri Jagannadh. The actor stated that he doesn't let the reception of his films affect him and that he only does things he believes in. 

In an interview with News18, Vijay Deverakonda said, "I don't know if I've handled things with grace, I just handle them the way I know how it is. It's my reaction to whatever is happening at that point. I just know that I'm very honest with my emotions and feelings. And if that is what I feel at that point, I express it that particular way. And I know that when it is truly what I feel, when it is not something I'm saying to get a reaction or to be part of the popular opinion at that point or to get traction, when you know that it's what you feel inside, even if it's received well or if it's not received well, because it can go either way once it goes out into the world, it can be perceived in any way." He added, "I just know that when it is something I truly believe in, and I say that, and I will always stand by it. And I will not be affected by how it's received. So, that's how I just deal with stuff always." The film also had an extended cameo of boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Vijay Deverakonda will be seen next in Kushi with Samantha Ruth Prabhu.