This Article is From Apr 10, 2023

Uorfi Javed Clarifies Her Quote About Ranbir Kapoor: "I Was Being Sarcastic"

Uorfi Javed made headlines for saying "bhaad mein jaaye Ranbir"

Uorfi Javed Clarifies Her Quote About Ranbir Kapoor: 'I Was Being Sarcastic'

Uorfi Javed shared this picture. (courtesy: urf7i)

New Delhi:

Uorfi Javed has backpedaled on her "bhaad mein jaaye Ranbir" comment about the actor after it was quoted in headlines across national media. The influencer shared posts on her Instagram Stories explaining that she was being sarcastic and didn't mean that Ranbir Kapoor should literally "go to hell" for his earlier remark on Uorfi's style being in "bad taste." In her Stories, Uorfi Javed shared one of the several media reports on her "bhaad mein jaaye" quote, given in an interview with Humans Of Bombay, and wrote: "I never said this (cry face emoticon). I was just joking ki Ranbir bhaad me jaaye (go to hell), Kareena ne tareef kar di ab (she has praised me now). I was being sarcastic. Sarcasm, humour. Whatever Ranbir said was his point of view. I didn't find anything malicious in his statement. Sach me bhaad me jaane ko nahi bola maine (seriously I didn't say him go to hell)."

It was followed by a video in which she added, "I never said go to hell Ranbir. I mean... I said it in a very sarcastic and humorous way with no disrespect meant to anyone. And bhaad is not equal to hell."


In another video, Uorfi Javed said, "Mera sarcasm kisi din mujhe pitwaygi... (laughs)... in short meinkisi din pit jaungi yaar, ya toh mere kapdo ke wajah se ya toh mere baaton ke wajah se (I will be beaten someday either because of my words or outfits.)."

Speaking to Humans Of Bombay, Uorfi recently said, "Kareena Kapoor ne meri tareef ki hai! Kareena Kapoor ne! Woh jo gum tha ki Ranbir Kapoor ne bola 'bad taste,' maine bola 'bhaad main jaaye Ranbir Kapoor (I was upset about Ranbir's comment, but then after Kareena's compliment, I was like 'Ranbir can go to hell'). Kareena Kapoor ne meri tarif kar di hai fir kya hai Ranbir ki aukat (Kareena has praised me, I don't need anyone's validation or anything.)"

Here's the backstory. Uorfi Javed, known for her unique and often outrageous outfits, was discussed on an episode of Kareena Kapoor's show What Women Want. Asked if he considered Uorfi's style in good or bad taste, episode guest Ranbir Kapoor picked the latter. Kareena, however, later said in an interview with Zoom that she admired Uorfi for being "extremely brave and extremely gutsy."