This Article is From Mar 23, 2015

Tom Cruise's New Mission: Impossible - Hang Off Airborne Plane

Tom Cruise's New Mission: Impossible - Hang Off Airborne Plane

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New Delhi:

Tom Cruise returns as the unstoppable Ethan Hunt in the trailer of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, only this time it's "desperate times, desperate measures."

The fifth instalment of the blockbuster action series sees agent Hunt tangle with a deadly group of rogue assassins called The Syndicate. Actors Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg join Tom Cruise again as William Brandt and Benji Dunn, but Rebecca Ferguson, playing a new character named Ilsa Faust, is recruited to replace Paula Patton. (Also Read: Tom Cruise's Latest Mission: Impossible Stunt May be Most Daredevil Yet)

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation offers what is possibly Tom Cruise's most daredevil stunt so far - hanging from the side of a military Airbus A400M mid-air, in a fully tailored suit.

In his last outing as Ethan Hunt, the actor climbed Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, will hit theatres on July 31 this year. Ving Rhames also reprises his role as Luther Stickell and Alec Baldwin joins the cast as head of the CIA.