The Many Distractions For Sussanne Khan At "Home Sweet Home"

"Can stare into the calmness of the waves crashing on the shores while taking strategic 'look away selfie," wrote Sussanne Khan

The Many Distractions For Sussanne Khan At 'Home Sweet Home'

Sussanne shared this photo (courtesy suzkr)


  • Sussanne shared a collage on Instagram
  • She tagged the location as "Home Sweet Home"
  • Sussanne has temporarily shifted to Hrithik's place
New Delhi:

Sussanne Khan, who has temporarily shifted to ex-husband Hrithik Roshan's Juhu residence, shared a collage on Instagram, describing a few of her moods in lockdown. Sussanne, who is an interior designer, has set up her working station at Hrithik's house, which comes with a fantastic view of the sea. Sussanne, who is also working from home like all of us, had earlier written that she "shouldn't get used to the view" but looks like she's making the most of it. "Funny 'notes to self' series of working from home continue. The many benefits of working from home," is how she began her post, which is a collage of four of her selfies. Apart from getting to attend office meetings in home clothes, Sussanne also wrote about a few of the distractions that makes her midn float - like staring at the sea and listening to the waves.

Explaining each mood, Sussanne wrote: "1. Can stare into the calmness of the waves crashing on the shores while taking strategic 'look away selfie', 2. While wearing noise cancelling headphones, the sound you hear almost feels like one is under water, 3. Can happily wear my favourite sleeping t-shirt for our TCP Microsoft teams meetings, 4. Very importantly for the sake of vanity, in portrait mode pics, eyes looks best with only mascara." Sussanne's interior decoration store is named The Charcoal Project (TCP).

Sussanne tagged the location as "Home Sweet Home."

Earlier, Sussanne wrote about experiencing a "crazy amount of creativity" with a "quarantined mind."

My 'Qurantivities'... notes to self.. April 1st 2020 Necessity is the mother of innovation. And when the mind is asked to be quarantined, it gives rise to a crazy amount of creativity. Almost like a little seed surging through the soil for that moment of sunlight. Day 8 of 21 day lockdown. Have a new found respect, for the person who invented FaceTime ( Roberto Garcia, the Apple engineer). Here we are living our lives, 'Virtually' doing the best we can to keep our work family and teams afloat. We need to stabilise their income, reach out and help to do our bit to each and every one of them. To give them a sense of security and support at this insecure moment in time. This is what will make us, the people that we want to be. Stay home, Stay safe and design your thoughts. @thecharcoalproject @thelabellife #workfromhome #persistence #dazedbutneverconfused #teamlabellife #teamcharcoal #humanityfirst #oneplanettoprotect #thanfulforhavingahome #tomorrowwillcome

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Ahead of that, she shared these glimpses of her make-shift office "with a view of the glorious Arabian Sea and an isolated Juhu beach."

My temporary 'home work space' was interestingly put together to bring a little element of play while I work. The funny thing is, my time on this 'put together' desk (made of flat cushion seats from an existing sofa seating composition that we had in this space, and then we put a low lying coffee table on top and...there it was, my perfect desk!) with a view of the glorious Arabian Sea and an isolated Juhu beach, this is a visual which honestly I shouldn't get used to! As I sit and ponder over the ghastly effects of what this dreadful virus has had on each one of us, and what it may continue to have on the entire planet in general, I must say I can't help but feel along with the uncertainty, an inner peace. There will be a diverse amount of good, that its post effects will bring on all of us. The kind that will remind us to grow a little each day, to produce better solutions for our projects, to be more giving for the less fortunate and most importantly, to be better contributors in our daily lives towards this beautiful planet. Stay home, stay safe and design your thoughts. #architecturaldigest #letsmakethiswork #lovewhatyoudo #ADindia #mybestfriendsgorgeoushome #thelabellife #workfromhomewear #designyourthoughts #prayingfortheplanet #stayhomestaysafe #thankfulforhavingahome #oneplanettoprotect credit @hrithikroshan

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Sussanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan are parents to sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. Sussanne has moved in with Hrithik so that the kids can be with both parents during the lockdown.