It's Pedro Pascal-Kieran Culkin's World And We're Just Living In It

Shots were fired by Kieran Culkin at the Golden Globes, Pedro Pascal returned fire at the Emmys

It's Pedro Pascal-Kieran Culkin's World And We're Just Living In It

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Move over, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman – the Internet has new favourite fake feud and the Hollywood award season is lit because of it. The parties involved are actors Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin who have competed in the same category at three award shows so far. Pedro, nominated for The Last Of Us, and Kieran, nominated for Succession, have both been up for Best Actor in a Drama Series – so far, it's been a clean sweep for Kieran's portrayal of Roman Roy. The feud, such as it is, began with Kieran's hilariously rambling Golden Globes speech in which he looked over at his competition and said "Suck it, Pedro." In the audience, cameras captured a laughing Pedro Pascal pretending to cry.

The Internet was thrilled and the moment went viral but something was lacking – a response as epic as the shot fired. Pedro Pascal's revenge took equally hilarious form at the Emmy awards which were held last night (this morning for India). As presenter of the Best Supporting Actor, the Narcos star had the stage and the microphone to himself (in a stroke of genius, his entry was to the accompaniment of the Narcos theme). Pedro, who had his arm in a sling, began innocuously enough: "A lot of people have been asking about my arm. It's actually my shoulder."

The zinger was delivered straight up: "I think tonight is the perfect time to tell everyone that…" – at this point, a drum roll would have been apposite but was sadly lacking - …"that Kieran Culkin beat the s**t out of me." As everyone cracked up, cameras cut to a grim-faced Kieran in the audience – he couldn't hold it for long though, breaking into a grin soonest.

The Internet is agreed on this – Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin are the true winners of this award season, actual awards apart. First, here's the full video from the Emmys.

Not sure if Waystar RoyCo would approve but the Internet definitely does:

The Emma Stone meme was also brought out:

It's Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin's world and we're just, humbly, living in it.