This Article is From Feb 27, 2019

'Shouldn't You Know Better?': Sara Ali Khan's Photoshoot With Maasai Tribesman Offends Twitter

Sara Ali Khan's photoshoot for Filmfare is being shredded to pieces on the Internet on two counts

'Shouldn't You Know Better?': Sara Ali Khan's Photoshoot With Maasai Tribesman Offends Twitter


  • "Sara as ignorant as other Bollywood celebrities," a Twitter user said
  • Sara Ali Khan debuted in Bollywood with Kedarnath
  • She hasn't announced her next film yet
New Delhi:

Sara Ali Khan, who gave back-to-back hits Kedarnath and Simmba in December 2018 and before that won hearts with her appearance on Koffee With Karan 6, appears to have crossed the Internet with her latest photoshoot for Filmfare magazine. Twitter expected more from Sara Ali Khan, a Columbia University graduate, who posed with a Maasai tribesman for a photoshoot, which the Internet described as "cultural appropriation." "Shouldn't you know better? People and cultures are not props for you to appropriate. Disgusted," wrote a Twitter user while another added, "And I thought her Ivy League education would have taught her that it is not okay to misappropriate other cultures. Turns out Sara Ali Khan is as ignorant as other Bollywood celebrities."

Here's what Twitter had to say about Sara Ali Khan's photoshoot:











Apart from being slammed for "cultural appropriation," the photoshoot is coming under fire for "bad photoshopping" as the tribesman's "shadow is missing" in the image. A Twitter user wrote: "Cheap photoshop and mentality. Where's the shadow of that gentlemen?" Another social media user wrote: "Lol... Why go to Africa for this shoot. I can do it in my office."












Sara Ali Khan, daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, debuted in Kedarnath, in which she stood out in every critic's review of the Abhishek Kapoor-directed film. Sara Ali Khan's second film Simmba, opposite Ranveer Singh, released two weeks after that. Before her onscreen debut, Sara appeared on Karan Johar's chat show with her father and the following day, Twitter showed immense love and acceptance, which is not usual for star kids.

Sara Ali Khan is reportedly being cast in the sequel of her father's Love Aaj Kal, directed by Imtiaz Ali opposite Kartik Aaryan. However, no formal announcement has been made yet.