IIFA 2023: Sara Ali Khan Met "Red Hot Chilli" Rakhi Sawant And The Obvious Happened

Sharing the video, Sara Ali Khan wrote, "Red Hot Chilly. Jab Somya Rakhi ji se Mili"

IIFA 2023: Sara Ali Khan Met 'Red Hot Chilli' Rakhi Sawant And The Obvious Happened

Still from video shared by Sara Ali Khan. (courtesy: saraalikhan95)

What happens when you put two entertainers like Sara Ali Khan and Rakhi Sawant in one room? A whole lot of fun with a dash of madness. This is exactly what you see in Sara Ali Khan's recent upload. In the clip, Sara Ali Khan runs into Rakhi Sawant and sees that they are dressed in matching shades of red. The star asks Rakhi, “Tum ne bhi red pehna hai? [You have worn red too]” To this, Rakhi says, “Haan…I am a red chilli”. Hearing this, Sara adds, “I am a red cherry.” Not one to back down, Rakhi Sawant says, “Haan, mai puri cake lagri hu aur tum mere upar cherry [ I look like the whole cake, while you look like the cherry].”  Sara Ali Khan then makes a sad face and says, “Baby tujhe paap lagega,"referring to the title of her new song from the upcoming film Zara  Hatka Zara Bachke.

Mujhe paap lagega? Lagne do. Mai tumhare gaane pe dance karungi aur apne upar bahut sara paap lagaungi [Will I be tainted with sin? Well, I will dance to your dance and accept all the sins],” says Rakhi Sawant.

The video cuts to the two of them dancing and ends with Rakhi Sawant lifting Sara Ali Khan off her feet.

Sharing the video, Sara Ali Khan wrote, “Red Hot Chilly. Jab Somya Rakhi ji se Mili.

Even at the IIFA awards ceremony, Rakhi Sawant danced with Sara Ali Khan. This time the two stars were joined by actor Vicky Kaushal and the trio danced to the superhit Katrina Kaif songs Chikni Chameli and Sheila Ki Jawaani.

For the unversed, Vicky Kaushal is married to Katrina Kaif. In one of the videos going viral on social media, Rakhi Sawant and Vicky Kaushal are seen pulling off some Katrina Kaif signature steps, as Sara cheers them on.

In another clip, Rakhi Sawant almost knocks Vicky Kaushal's off his feet with the train of her gown, amidst their dance session. 

Zara Hatke Zara Bachke is Sara Ali Khan's first collaboration with Vicky Kaushal. The film has been directed by Laxman Utekar and follows the story of  Kapil [Vicky Kaushal] and Somya  [Sara Ali Khan], who are madly in love but also desperately want a divorce.