This Article is From Jul 10, 2023

The Salman Khan Pic From Bigg Boss OTT That Shouldn't Have Gone Viral But Did - See Inside

"It's unprofessional. There are breaks for that," said a fan

The Salman Khan Pic From Bigg Boss OTT That Shouldn't Have Gone Viral But Did - See Inside

Image was shared on Twitter. (courtesy: BiggBoss_Tak)

Bigg Boss OTT 2usually makes headlines for the antics of the contestants. However, this time around, the show is the talk of the town thanks to host Salman Khan. The actor serves as the host during the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes. While Salman Khan's comments directed towards the contestants often go viral, this weekend, Salman Khan was seen holding a cigarette in his hand, which caught the attention of viewers and internet users. Several photos and videos of the Bollywood superstar with the cigarette have surfaced online. Sharing stills of Salman Khan from the show holding a cigarette in hand, a Twitter page dedicated to Bigg Boss shared the caption, “Yesterday the editor mistakenly included a shot of Salman Khan holding a cigarette in his hand while interacting with contestants. Bechare ka job toh gaya ab. Fired!”

“Salman Khan was caught smoking a cigarette while hosting Bigg Boss OTT 2. The Big Boss crew forgot to cut this part and live telecasted it. Biggest mistake!” another fan wrote.

“But why is he even smoking while interacting with contestants??? It's unprofessional. There are breaks for that,” said another fan.

Salman Khan was also heard using inappropriate language during the live feed of the show, while speaking to Cyrus Broacha. During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan was seen advising Cyrus Broacha, who was adamant that he wanted to leave the show. When Cyrus begs the superstar to allow him to leave, Salman Khan explains, "Cyrus, it's just another 4-5 weeks and the entire nation is watching you. Listen, brother, I cannot get you out. If I get you out then I have to get other people too. It is against the contract and the other thing is to take this as your work. I don't think even the channel can get you out of it because you have signed the contract. It doesn't work like this, the show doesn't work as per your whims and fancies."

The show is available for streaming on Jio Cinema.