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In Rannvijay Singha And Daughter Kainaat's Video, Cuteness Won

Rannvijay Singha's video with daughter will make you saw aww

In Rannvijay Singha And Daughter Kainaat's Video, Cuteness Won

A still from Rannvijay's video. (courtesy rannvijaysingha)


  • Rannvijay posted a new video with daughter
  • "She gets what she wants," he wrote
  • "My universe," he added
New Delhi:

Fathers and daughters share a bond that is truly special. And if you ever had doubts about this, take a look at video jockey and television producer Rannvijay Singha's irresistibly adorable Instagram Reels video. The new clip features his delightful four-year-old daughter Kainaat Singha. Certainly, there's no question about who steals the limelight in the video (hint: Kainaat, obviously), but together the father-daughter duo is sure to make you go "awwww". The video titled, "How to negotiate with Dadda?" and captioned, "She gets what she wants" has turned all of Rannvijay's fans into Kainaat fans. Okay, we may be speaking for ourselves here, but this video is worth a watch if you want to shoo those Tuesday blues away.

So, what's Kainaat's secret to "negotiating with Dadda" and "getting what she wants?" Going by the video, her trick is to start talking and then go in for a peck on her father's nose. Adorable, right? Who wouldn't want to give Kainaat the world after she does something as cute as this?

Rannvijay's queen of a daughter, Kainaat has an Instagram account and a 1.17 lakh-strong fan following of her own, and rightfully so. With posts ranging from her posing with her father to playing outdoors, painting and creating art, and flaunting the cherry blossom sweater knit by her grandmother, Kainaat is seen living her life like a star.

Her father also doesn't shy away from letting Kainaat steal the limelight in his Instagram from time to time. For instance, watch this super cute clip of the two playing outdoors in a park.

And how can you miss this Instagram Reels where the father-daughter duo absolutely nails the Runaway challenge?

Rannvijay shot to fame through the first edition of the reality TV series, MTV Roadies and has hosted all the subsequent seasons of the show. Currently, he is hosting the latest season, Roadies Revolution where he is also a "gang leader". He has also hosted MTV Splitsvilla, MTV Stuntmania, MTV Scooty Pep Diva, and other reality TV shows.