Prithviraj Sukumaran Apologises For Insensitive Kaduva Scene: "It Was A Mistake"

Prithviraj Sukumaran and director Shaji Kailas have offered an apology over a scene on differently-abled children in the Malayalam movie Kaduva

Prithviraj Sukumaran Apologises For Insensitive Kaduva Scene: 'It Was A Mistake'

Prithviraj Sukumaran. (courtesy: therealprithvi)

Prithviraj Sukumaran recently released movie Kaduva has been receiving flak from the audience for being insensitive toward differently-abled children. Reacting to the criticism, the actor admitted his mistake and offered an apology. Also, the makers have reportedly removed the scene from the movie. Sharing director Shaji Kailas' apology note on his Instagram handle, he wrote, "Sorry. It was a mistake. We acknowledge and accept it." Shaji Kailas posted an apology on his Facebook handle in Malayalam, "Apologies for the hurtful reference to the parents of differently-abled children in my film 'Kaduva'. That conversation piece is a sleight of hand. The only request is to forgive the human error." 

He added, "The truth is that neither the screenwriter Jinu while writing such a dialogue, nor the hero Prithviraj while preparing the scene, nor I thought of other aspects of it. The only intention behind it was to convince him and the audience of the cruelty of the villain's actions. For ages we hear the words that the consequences of what we do will be felt by our future generations. (Remember the Bible saying, 'The fathers ate green grapes, and the children's teeth were set on edge') Whenever people talk about the results of their children's actions, people repeat it. Those words that came from Prithviraj's character in this movie were also human. A perfectly ordinary man, oblivious to wrongs or their emotional implications, begs to see them as mere words uttered in a momentary fit of emotion. This does not mean that children with disabilities suffer as a result of the actions of their parents. There is never such a thing, even in our remotest thoughts." 

He concluded by saying, "I am a father who loves his children. Even when they fall a little, I get pain. Then I can understand the mental state of parents of differently-abled children without anyone else telling me. The parents' notes showed that the words in the movie were hurt. Please understand that the most precious thing in the world is your children and you live for them.... Sorry....Once again, I apologize knowing that these words will not solve your emotional distress." 

Here have a look: 

In the movie, Prithviraj said that differently-abled children are born that way due to the sins of their parents. 

Produced by Supriya Menon of Prithviraj Productions, Kaduva also stars Vivek Oberoi as an antagonist. Samyukhta Menon plays the female lead in the movie.