More Imran Khan, Please. Actor's Break Ke Baad Post Deluged With Comeback Comments

"Every time you post... I get taken by surprise. Pleasantly surprised," Ira Khan commented

More Imran Khan, Please. Actor's Break Ke Baad Post Deluged With Comeback Comments

Deepika and Imran in Break Ke Baad. (courtesy: imrankhan)

New Delhi:

Imran Khan, who has been a social media recluse for the longest time, has started sharing posts on Instagram once again and the Internet can't keep calm. On Wednesday, he shared some throwback pictures from the sets of his and Deepika Padukone's 2010 film Break Ke Baad, accompanied with an extensive caption (more on that later). In the comments section, his co-star from the film Deepika commented, "So true." The comments section of Imran Khan's post was full of fans requesting him to feature in a comeback. "Every time you post... I get taken by surprise. Pleasantly surprise," Imran's cousin Ira Khan commented.

Here's what the comments section looked like - "Pls make a romcom," wrote a user. "Instagram pe comeback hogaya, ab movies mein kab (Instagram comeback done, when are you returning to movies)," asked another. "Bollywood Romcoms are adhoore without you," another user added. "We miss you please make a comeback soon," read another. Similar thoughts echoed, "That was a good movie! Be back soon with a good project, can't wait." Inputs from another user, "Imran Khan posting on Insta aur kya chahiye." "Imran Khan comeback button," another fan wrote. Another one added, "Done with our punishment for making your movies underrated. Now come back asap sir! Can't wait for your comeback! Give us back some of the best movies and best songs like always Imran Khan." "Laut aao Sir..! Aapke bina romcom movies mein maza nahi (Please come back Sir, there is no fun in rom-coms without you)." Another wrote, "Only Imran Khan's comeback can fix me now."

"In the summer of 2010, I went to Mauritius to shoot Break Ke Baad We swam every day, ate a lot of seafood, sampled Mauritian rum (potent), and made some friends for life. It was a blast. Apparently, in between all the revelries, we managed to make a film as well. This one always had a special place in my heart, because of how much I enjoyed making it. I can't show you many of the behind the scenes photographs, as it may compromise the modesty of certain individuals... but here's a glimpse," Imran Khan captioned the post.

Check out Imran Khan's post here:

Imran Khan made headlines this year after he commented on an advert featuring film legend Zeenat Aman. On the post, an Instagram user named Aditi wrote, "Zeenat ji ne bhi comeback karlia, patani mera Imran Khan kab karega. [Even Zeenat Aman has made a comeback, wondering when Imran Khan will make one too]." To this, Imran Khan replied, "Chalo Aditi, let's leave this to the internet... 1M likes, and I'll make it happen [shake hands emoji]."

ICYMI, this is the post we are talking about:

Earlier this month, a fans shared a special reel titled "The world vs Imran Khan." Replying to which, the Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na actor commented, "The truth is, it was never about a million likes. I picked the number because it seemed unattainable, and since it would never happen anyway, I could just quietly retreat again, no questions asked. I didn't count on all of you picking it up and carrying it forward... After all this time, I didn't think anyone would still care enough to reach out and tell me they believe in me. Your love humbles me."