Mira Rajput Sums Up Her Yoga Routine In ROFL Expectation Vs Reality Post

Mira shared a funny video with her candid confessions of thoughts on her mind during her yoga classes.

Mira Rajput Sums Up Her Yoga Routine In ROFL Expectation Vs Reality Post

Mira Rajput in a still from her video. (Image courtesy: mira.kapoor)


  • Mira shared a new reel on Instagram on Thursday
  • "Me walking into yoga class like," she captioned the clip
  • She added the hashtag #yogaaddict
New Delhi:

You've seen many people striking a yoga pose and think to yourself, "Yeah that's easy. I'll do it in a snap." And you start out only to realise it's not an easy game. Sounds familiar, right? Mira Rajput, the chic fitness enthusiast in her keep-it-natural world, shows us that she feels that pinch too. Actor Shahid Kapoor's wife has been sharing many snippets from her recent yoga classes and we don't doubt she is loving every bit of it. But we all have our moments of a reality check and Mira's experience in this regard is quite a funny and relatable one. 

Guess what thoughts swim in this yoga buff's head as she seems to breeze through her asanas? Getting done with it quickly and gorging on a pizza at home are just a few of them. Mira herself reveals her tiny struggles with yoga in quirky Reels that she put up on Instagram. It's one of those "expectation versus reality" videos that we so much love to watch.

We see Mira starting her day's yoga class with a bright smile that shouts confidence. While we wonder what's to come next,  we see her on her yoga mat in pink athleisure. Mira writes, she thinks she's going to "nama-slay" it this day. Then, we are stunned to watch her slay the plow pose as she clocks her legs over her head. 

But, here's when the reality check drops on us. We see her doing the plow pose again. But, this time, with every move of her legs, a thought pops up on the screen. Her volley of thoughts hit us with an unmistakable touch of humour. She wonders "When is it over" and almost gives up "I can't do it anymore." But food comes to enliven her spirits, "Pizza tonight." We are only too glad that she finishes the pose on a feel-good note and doesn't forget to mention, "I love yoga." A true inspiration, she is, for all yoga enthusiasts out there to keep taking those baby steps. She captioned the post, "Yoga 101: Expectations vs Reality. Who's with me?"

Watch her video:

Earlier she had shared her glow while still in her yoga clothes. She wrote, "Flowing for the glow." 

Sometimes Mira ditches the monotony of solo exercise by teaming up with Shahid and his brother, actor Ishaan Khatter.

Let us know nuggets of inspiration you are taking away from Mira Rajput's yoga sessions.