This Article is From Jan 12, 2022

Mira Rajput Recalls The "Mixed Feeling" She Had While Travelling With Zain And Misha

Mira Rajput shared a video and a fun note from vacationing with her kids

Mira Rajput Recalls The 'Mixed Feeling' She Had While Travelling With Zain And Misha

Mira Rajput in a still from the video. (Image courtesy: mira.kapoor)


  • "Holiday + Kids = ?" wrote Mira Rajput
  • "We're all back to virtually holidaying, zoom parties," she added
  • Mira is a mon to Zain and Misha
New Delhi:

Mira Rajput is one of the most relatable celebrities on social media and for good reason. As a mother of two and married to Shahid Kapoor, one of the country's biggest Bollywood stars, Mira likes to keep it real and simple on social media. Now, the actress has penned a rather witty and fun note on Instagram about going on vacations with her children. Sharing a video that starts with her strutting like a diva and ending with her collapsing on a bed – still looking gorgeous, might we add – Mira Rajput wrote in the video: “How a holiday with kids begins” and “How a holiday with kids ends.”

In the caption, Mira Rajput wrote, “Holiday + Kids = ?” adding, “While we're all back to virtually holidaying and zoom parties, I couldn't help but remember the zillion and one mixed feelings I had while travelling with my kids.”

Explaining further, Mira Rajput wrote, “It's great 1-1 bonding time, we get to indulge in long lazy breakfasts together with no rules, a lot of pool time and doing kiddie activities in various places together and seeing their faces light up. The kid in me just comes alive and I have so much fun doing all those things with them.”

However, there's a catch. Mira Rajput added, “BUT. It's a tough business. For kids below a certain age, they can feel overwhelmed which starts a dominos effect on the entire trip, it also requires A LOT of planning in advance, food stops, and patience for unexpected changes in plans.” What it also entails is “crazy packing” and “lists". 

Read the complete note here:

Mira Rajput often talks about her family and friends on social media. A few days ago, Mira Rajput shared that she loves stealing clothes from her husband, Shahid Kapoor. Posting a video with the voice-over saying, “Oops, I did it again,”  Mira Rajput wrote, “Stealing clothes from the husband's closet.” In the caption, Mira Rajput added, “Guys clothes > Girls clothes? I now have my eyes on a backpack.”

On the occasion of New Year, Mira Rajput shared a loved up photo with husband Shahid Kapoor and said, “It's going to be a great one because Mr K agreed to a photo. Happy New Year everyone. For the first time, I'm comfy as hell on NYE. Pyjamas, fuzzy socks, and bear to love. Can we do this every year?”

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have been married since 2015. The couple welcomed their daughter Misha in 2016 and their son Zain was born in 2018.