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MC Stan Doesn't Care That Trolls Think He Didn't Deserve To Win Bigg Boss

MC Stan said that winning the Bigg Boss trophy was unexpected

MC Stan Doesn't Care That Trolls Think He Didn't Deserve To Win Bigg Boss

MC Stan shared this picture. (courtesy: m___c___stan)

New Delhi:

MC Stan, who lifted the Bigg Boss trophy after staying in the house for four months, reacted to trolls by saying, “Mujhe fark nahi padta mama (I honestly don't care about them)".  MC Stan was speaking to The Indian Express in an exclusive interview, when he opened up about his victory that came as a surprise to him, his equation with Shiv Thakare and trolls that called his win "unfair". Some sections of the audience came down heavily on the rapper, calling his win "underserving". Taking to Twitter, a user wrote, "I think even Mahin is more deserving than MC Stan," while another said, "Bigg Boss season 16 was completely biased". Many also remarked that contestants like Archana, Priyanka and Shiv had more involvement in the show yet MC Stan won it by doing nothing. See some posts here.

Reacting to the trolls, MC Stan said, he does not care much about what others have to say. “Mujhe fark nahi padta mama (I honestly don't care about them) I actually like people who get jealous. It's a very natural emotion in a human being. One just needs to accept that this wasn't meant for them. Just like most fans, I am also shocked but I do feel I deserved to win,” the rapper told The Indian Express.

Elaborating on his Bigg Boss experience, MC Stan said that winning the trophy was totally unexpected. However, he noted that the show taught him quite a lot of life lessons like the "art of saying no".

“I don't think there are enough words to describe what I am feeling today. It's a very different feeling. Both Shiv and I were in a different zone, and given Salman Khan sir was having fun with us. Till the last moment, we didn't know what would happen. Honestly, all my life, I have witnessed unexpected things in my life but this is something of another level,” MC Stan told The Indian Express.

 “Every day in the house has been a worthy experience as I got to learn so much. Also, I think I evolved as a person, and above all, I have understood how to say no. I just did not know how to say no. Earlier, I would put myself in difficult situations trying to help others. But this show has taught me to say no, which is so important.” the rapper further added while recalling his days inside the house for 4 months.

To those ardent fans of Bigg Boss, it not unknown that MC Stan started taking more active interest in the Bigg Boss tasks towards the end. Thus, on being asked if he would like to play the game from the start, MC Stan shared his thoughts."“Main sochta hu aise… pehle samajh jaana tha. But apni journey bohot rawas thi. Journey ko barni mein bhar ke rakhne ka (Even I regret not understanding the game beforehand. However, I had a great journey and I would keep every moment of my stint close to my heart),” the rapper told The Indian Express.

With regard to defeating his best friend in the house, Shiv Thakare, MC Stan said that though he felt a little bad for him, every playing the game deserved to win and he would be equally delighted if it was his friend Shiv instead of himself lifting the trophy.

“I know it was his dream, thus I did feel a little bad. However, every 16 contestants in the house deserved to win the show. Shiv is a brother and I think it was just a matter of a few votes that I won. However, I must add that we wanted either of us to win and thus we are both happy.” MC Stan told The Indian Express.

The 23-year-old lifted the trophy on Sunday, beating his close friend Shiv Thakare. Take a look.

MC Stan, who was born and brought up in Pune, decided to become a rapper when he was in class 7. Speaking to Platform Magazine, he said, “I was a kid, probably in 7th grade, when I felt like I'd become a rapper because I didn't have many other fancy aspirations and I knew I was never cut out for the corporate job life.” Some of MC Stan's creations include Tadipaar,Gender,I Am Done and Numberkari.