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Kangana Ranaut's Manikarnika Row: 'Please Realise Your Lies Are Making Things Worse,' Tweets Krish

Manikarnika row: Krish has posted tweets with screenshots of his chats with team members who claimed that he has shot most of part the film

Kangana Ranaut's Manikarnika Row: 'Please Realise Your Lies Are Making Things Worse,' Tweets Krish

Kangana Ranaut in Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi (Image courtesy: Instagram)


  • I never thought I've to defend my ability of filmmaking: Krish
  • Krish co-directed the film with Kangana Ranaut
  • Manikarnika has earned over Rs 50 crore till now
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On Wednesday evening, Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi co-director Krish posted a series of tweets with screenshots of his chats with some of the members of the team and said that claimed that he indeed has shot most of part the film. In his defence, Krish shared the texts the film's editor, assistant director and a technician sent to him. "The person who saw both the versions mentioned that I have done 85 per cent and now the technician who worked on ground told this," read one of his tweets. The tweets from the crew members say that the final version of Manikarnika has the shots directed by him. "The question is not about who shot how much, but it's about the process with which everything has been done with ulterior motive and with a poor taste. Please realise your lies are making things worse," Krisha added.

"I never thought I've to defend my ability of filmmaking based on the manipulations and lies of one person. Rangoli Chandel, these messages were your sister's words about me when I questioned her about the credit and the damage she is doing to the movie," he tweeted before sharing the screenshots of the aforementioned messages. "I'm confidently saying that everything Kangana has written on those WhatsApp messages when I've questioned her, are complete lies and pre-prepared, as she has foreseen that this day will come," Krish added.

Here's what Krish posted.











Krish's tweets are in response to Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel's posts, who earlier today shared screenshots of the actress' conversation with him, in which she asked him to watch the film before making assumptions and asked him to explain the messages.

In a series of fresh tweets after Krish provided his version, Rangoli lashed out at him and said, "When you left the film midway that also she foresaw? How convenient. That's why whole team is with her, expect for ones who were kicked out and had no worth to be in longer parts."

To the tweets with the screenshots, Rangoli reacted by saying, "Your team never worked with Kangana. She had her own camera and AD team, which is credited separately in the film also. Like we said, you had completed the film from which only 30 percent is used (which is not shot by you solo but shot by Nick)."

Read Rangoli Chandel's tweets here.









Later, Krish also asked Rangoli why his screen name was changed in the credits and also why Kangana added her name months later. To which, she replied.



Here's what she posted earlier.









Right after Manikarnika released, Krish outraged over Kangana, who claimed credit for being the primary director of the film. Krish said that he directed most of Manikarnika and Kangana edited out those shots. Rangoli Chandel alleged that Krish tried to ruin the film, which he left in between to direct the NTR biopic.

Earlier this week, Krish spoke about the final cut of Manikarnika during an interview with news agency IANS and said, "At the end of the day it is my baby... I am relieved that the grandeur vision and scale that I imagined for the film remains intact."

In Kangana Ranaut vs Krish, he has got support from Pooja Bhatt, Bejoy Nambiar and writer Apurva Asrani, who had challenged Kangana's writing credits for 2014's Simran.

Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi, based on the life of Rani Laxmi Bai, has collected over Rs 50 crore so far at the box office.

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