This Article is From Mar 19, 2020

Jared Leto Spent 12 Days In The Desert And Just Found Out About Coronavirus

"Walked out yesterday into a very different world," wrote Jared Leto

Jared Leto Spent 12 Days In The Desert And Just Found Out About Coronavirus

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  • "Sending positive energy to all," wrote Jared
  • "I'm getting messages from friends and family," he added
  • "Stay inside and stay safe," wrote Jared
New Delhi:

Actor Jared Leto just came out of self-isolation to learn that the rest of the world had also been self-isolating. Jared, 48, was in a desert retreat for 12 days and didn't know that his fellow humans were battling a pandemic until yesterday, when he left his meditation facility, where he says he was completely incommunicado, and "walked out into a very different world." The Suicide Squad star posted a thread of tweets - which, unsurprisingly, has been greeted with derision on social media. The Coronavirus outbreak emerged in China some months ago and has spread across the globe - in Jared's home country USA, over 6,000 have tested positive for the virus with over 100 deaths. And while Jared may have missed the World Health Organization's classification of the outbreak as a pandemic about a week ago, the Coronavirus has been ravaging the world for a lot longer than 12 days.

In his tweets, Jared Leto wrote: "Wow. 12 days ago I began a silent meditation in the desert. We were totally isolated. No phone, no communication etc. We had no idea what was happening outside the facility. Walked out yesterday into a very different world. One that's been changed forever. Mind blowing - to say the least. I'm getting messages from friends and family all around the globe and catching up on what's going on. Hope you and yours are ok. Sending positive energy to all. Stay inside and stay safe."

The let-them-eat-quinoa cluelessness in Jared's tweets, however well-intentioned, have annoyed many. "Celebrities always know what's best. The world awaits your wisdom and instructions," read one scathing response to Jared. "Go back to the desert," read another. One response tried to helpfully explain the virus to the actor - "It's like the flu but with a major toilet paper shortage." One response succinctly said, "Weirdo." Several replies pointed out that the Coronavirus existed from before Jared went to the desert. Some also noted that tweets had been posted from Jared's account while he was apparently in isolation.

Read Jared Leto's tweets and the responses to them here:

We'll take this opportunity to let Jared Leto know that some of his colleagues from Hollywood have been felled by the Coronavirus. Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson tested positive in Australia and have now been discharged from hospital. Idris Elba has tested positive, as has Game Of Thrones' star Kristofer Hivju and James Bond actress Olga Kurylenko.

In India, over 160 have tested positive for the Coronavirus.