Ira Khan Spills "Wedding Party's Secret" In New Pics With Nupur Shikhare From Udaipur

Ira Khan's Udaipur photo dump is all things fun

Ira Khan Spills 'Wedding Party's Secret' In New Pics With Nupur Shikhare From Udaipur

Ira Khan shared these images. (courtesy: khan.ira)

New Delhi:

Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare registered their wedding in Mumbai earlier this month, after which they flew to Udaipur, Rajasthan for their big, fat wedding festivities. On Wednesday morning, Ira Khan shared new pictures from the Udaipur airport and the Taj Lake Palace (their wedding venue). The album features Ira and Nupur with their friends and Ira's mom Reena Dutta. Ira Khan captioned the post, "The Wedding Party's Secret... well, party." The album surely looks like a whole lot of fun.

Check out Ira Khan's post here:

On Tuesday, Ira Khan shared glimpses from the fun games. "In it to win it. If you missed the claimed-to-be-rigged-game at the reception... sucks to be you. Of course it was hand-made with our various craft supplies at 3am... even though there were months to make it. And of course, Popeye and I ganged up against them. This is why we're married. Poking fun aside, Look how cute the board is and how cute everything was. I felt like we were on a game-show! Bucklist item ticked. Thank you," Ira Khan captioned the post.

Earlier, Ira Khan posted a video from her wedding day and she wrote, "This is only a teaser but neither Ethereal nor us could wait. We wanted to celebrate in the mountains, with the people we love. And we did. It was stunning when we were there but we didn't realised we were getting married in Rivendell (Nupur Shikhare now we have to watch the third Lord of the Rings) It difficult to put all the love and feelings of that day into words. Thankfully, we have this video instead."

Ira is the younger of Aamir Khan's two children with his ex-wife Reena Dutta. Nupur Shikhare and Ira Khan got engaged in September 2022. Nupur Shikhare proposed to Ira at the Ironman Italy, where Nupur participated.