Imran Khan's Post For The "Most Generous Actor" Boman Irani Is Everything

Imran Khan added that Boman Irani is a "true gentleman"

Imran Khan's Post For The 'Most Generous Actor' Boman Irani Is Everything

Imran Khan with Boman Irani. (courtesy: imrankhan)

New Delhi:

It is safe to say that Imran Khan's Instagram posts and anecdotes light up social media. The actor, who has been away from the big screen since 2015, dropped “yet another throwback” and it comes with “a story that needs to be shared.” Imran posted some pictures from the sets of his and Kareena Kapoor's 2012 film Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. The actor has also written an extensive caption. Giving fans a recap, Imran explained one of the “challenging scenes” from the film and how Boman Irani turned out to be “one of the most generous actors” on the sets. The actor wrote, “Yet another throwback, and this one comes with a story that needs to be shared! My character in EMAET (Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu) had a difficult relationship with his father, never able to assert himself and express his true feelings. In the end, he finally snaps during a fancy dinner party and tells his parents that he doesn't want the life they have chosen for him. It was a challenging scene, and I was anxious to do my best.” 

Imran Khan continued, “Most 'senior' actors don't waste their time hanging around the set if they're not directly facing the camera. I can't tell you the number of scenes I've shot with stand-ins for the big men, and an assistant director giving me their cues.” 

Imran Khan also recalled how Boman Irani, ahead of the shooting of the “challenging scene”, came to his van to rehearse with him. Imran said, “I was thrilled, of course. He [Boman Irani] ran me through the entire scene, pointing out layers of subtext, pushing me, encouraging me, supporting me... and when we started shooting my parts, he [Boman Irani] stood behind the camera, feeding me his cues with extra passion to push me on.” 

According to Imran Khan, [Boman Irani] “may have played a callous, insensitive character in the film, but he was one of the most generous actors”, he [Imran Khan] had the pleasure to work with. 

Imran Khan added that Boman Irani is a “true gentleman.”

A day ago, Imran Khan wrote a long note to fans for sending lovely messages. The actor talked about how “the sunshine” felt “weird” and “unnatural” as he was more familiar with “ugly and hurtful words.” Sharing a picture from an old photoshoot, Imran wrote, "Sorry about the silence... When you've lived so long in darkness, the sunshine can feel unbearably bright at first. I've been flooded with so many messages of love, support, and encouragement that it felt weird. Unnatural. I couldn't absorb that much positivity, so instead I went looking for the ugly words, the hurtful ones that sound more like the Voice in my head, because that feels more familiar to me. I checked reddit (still reliable), the comments sections of news articles,and wherever I could find words sharp enough to cut myself with. And then a funny thing happened. There I was, poking and slicing away trying to feel 'normal', but somehow the edges of the words seemed less sharp... the tips less pointy. They weren't drawing blood the way they used to. They just didn't work anymore. And I think I know why."

He continued, "We all have scars, old wounds that still ache. But love heals. Love is empowering and uplifting, and if you are fortunate enough to receive the kind of love that I have, I think it starts to fill in those scars. It covers you in a layer of protective armour. You may never fully grasp the extent to which your love empowers me but know that I am grateful. You make me feel 304.8 cm tall."

Imran Khan was last seen in Katti Batti. He co-starred with Kangana Ranaut and Mithila Palkar in the film, which was released in 2015.