If You Can't Suit Up Like Avenger Raj Kundra, Wear Your Mask At Least

In a new post on social media, he turns into several superheroes and asks people to 'mask up'

If You Can't Suit Up Like Avenger Raj Kundra, Wear Your Mask At Least

Raj Kundra as Captain America in a still from his video (courtesy rajkundra9)


  • Raj Kundra shared an ROFL video on Instagram
  • But his post comes with an important message
  • Raj Kundra gave his video an 'Avengers' twist
New Delhi:

You don't have to be a superhero to defeat the might of COVID-19. All that you need to do is follow simple safety norms. And driving that point home is Raj Kundra, who put up an interesting Marvel-esque post on Instagram, appealing to people to mask up. The businessman and husband of actress Shilpa Shetty made use of a popular app to swap his face with that of superheroes of Marvel movies - Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Black Panther and The Spider-Man. His caption was simple and to the point: "If you can't suit up at least mask up".

The businessman further added, "Stay safe stay indoors and help as many as you can around you. United we stand divided we fall." He then reiterated the same through hashtags like #staysafe, #maskup, #world, #rajmantra and #safety.

A few days ago, Raj shared a hilarious clip showing us how his off day during the pandemic looked like. He posted a funny video in which Shilpa plays a woman requesting her husband not to kiss her while she's working. Meanwhile, their domestic help (Shilpa with a face filter on) pops up and asks Shilpa to tell her husband to mend his ways, as she, too, is tired of the same. Shilpa then bashes him up black and blue. Raj captioned the post, "Sunday Funday not easy being stuck at home! but Better safe than sorry."

Apart from posting fun videos during lockdown, Raj is also spending time with family. In one of the recent posts shared by Shilpa, we can see them playing a game of scrabble. They were also planning watch something on television.

In February, the couple had been on holiday in Maldives, from where they posted many photographs on their social media handles.

In one of the videos from the Maldives, Raj also joined the "pawri" trend.

Shilpa and Raj are parents to two kids - son Viaan and daughter Samisha. Their daughter was born in 2020, and earlier this year they celebrated her first birthday.