Hugh Jackman, Nicest Star Ever, On Shah Rukh Khan And The Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman, who is promoting The Greatest Showman, says he wants to do a Bollywood film

Hugh Jackman, Nicest Star Ever, On Shah Rukh Khan And The Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman will be seen in The Greatest Showman. (Image courtesy: Hugh Jackman)



  1. Hugh Jackman couldn't "incorporate" SRK's dance lesson in his new film
  2. Shah Rukh gave me just one dance lesson, said Hugh Jackman
  3. Hugh Jackman said that he needs to meet up with Shah Rukh
As I waited for my turn to interview Hugh Jackman in Sydney, these were the words lavishly used by my fellow journalists about him - 'sweetest man,' 'the kindest, 'the nicest.' This was my first time meeting the man we so identify as Wolverine, an identity he seems to be in bit of a hurry to shed. But this interview was about the new film The Greatest Showman, a musical mounted on grand scale starring Hugh Jackman as circus impresario P T Barnum. The Greatest Showman has been a labour of love for the star and he is sparing no effort in publicizing it. Eching Barnum's own words, Hugh said, "Without promotion, nothing happens, nothing."

Hugh Jackman, whose origins belong in musical theatre, sings and dances as Ringmaster Barnum. Speaking to NDTV, Hugh said, "It could be a Bollywood film, I wanted you to ask me that. I want to do a Bollywood film."

His wish could be B-town's command but Hugh Jackman might need some help from Shah Rukh Khan, whom he met some years ago and who gave him a crash course in desi dancing. Speaking to NDTV, Hugh Jackman said "Shah Rukh gave me just one dance lesson, so I could not incorporate that in my film. Hey Shah Rukh, we need to meet up." Are you listening, SRK?

Arriving in Sydney after a 17-hour flight, the actor was up bright and early, ready for the series of interviews lined up. Speaking as someone who has spent hours waiting for stars and celebrities who take 'fashionably late' to another level, Hugh scored big on time and respect. A five to six hour delay is regulation for top stars in Bollywood, call times are habitually ignored too. Here, you have one equally busy - if not more - star whose punctuality impressed us all. No delays, no tantrums, no coffee or let me make a call breaks.

Candidly, the actor admitted he had defied his doctor's orders post a skin cancer surgery to not sing. "I was in a situation to sing or not, but by the time we had the last song, I threw caution to the winds and sang," Hugh Jackman told NDTV. He posted this 'sorry not sorry' note to his surgeon on Instagram.

Preparing to play P T Barnum was tougher than working on the Wolverine body, Hugh Jackman admitted, somewhat astonishingly. "For Wolverine I just spent hours in the gym and ate boiled chicken, but this was tough because it was fun," he said.

About playing the flawed Barnum, whom he describes as a 'disruptor,' Hugh Jackman says the movie resonates in today's time with its message of tolerance.

So like Barnum is there a hoax he would like to play? No, but Hugh Jackman has been on the receiving end. "I have been the victim of many when on Punk'd I was told that my house had caught fire, that was the worst 45 minutes of my life," he said.

So then - Hugh Jackman, nicest star ever? It's true. His infectious energy and humility have confirmed me as a fan for life.

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