This Article is From Apr 01, 2016

How Shah Rukh Khan Won April Fool's Day

How Shah Rukh Khan Won April Fool's Day

A still from the videos shared by FanTheFilm.


  • Shah Rukh Khan will "do anything for his fans"
  • Shah Rukh performed tasks assigned by fans in short videos
  • SRK eats a cake without using his hands and balances a ball on his head
New Delhi: When better than All Fool's Day to play the fool and do foolish things? Shah Rukh Khan, the fan-anointed Badshah of Bollywood, set aside his crown on April 1 to assume the role of court jester. As part of publicity for his new film Fan, SRK accepted a series of challenges set by his followers on Twitter.

Or did he? Did he really eat a cake without using his hands? Solve a Rubik's Cube in seconds flat? Do 300 push-ups in one go? And, umm, sneeze?

SRK might have promised to do "anything" for his fans but let nobody forget that it was April Fool's Day. Here's how Shah Rukh Khan won the day.



The 50-year-old actor's new film Fan is directed by Maneesh Sharma, stars SRK in dual roles and releases on April 15. SRK's upcoming projects also include Rahul Dholakia's Raees and a movie with Gauri Shinde, co-starring Alia Bhatt. (Also Read: No, Seriously. Incredible 'Flying' Shah Rukh Khan in Raees Pic)