Heeramandi Actor Shruti Sharma On Sharmin Segal Being Trolled: "Mental Harassment"

Sharmin Segal, who was trolled for her performance, has disabled Instagram comments

Heeramandi Actor Shruti Sharma On Sharmin Segal Being Trolled:  'Mental Harassment'

Stills from Heeramandi trailer. (courtesy: Netflix India)

New Delhi:

Heeramandiactress Shruti Sharma is receiving abundant love and appreciation for her role in the Netflix series. Her performance as Saima is garnering praise from various quarters, with some asserting that she outshines Sharmin Segal, who portrays Alamzeb, a central character in the series. For context, Saima works in the kitchens of Shahi Mahal and serves as one of Alamzeb's trusted confidants in the show. Alamzeb is the daughter of Manisha Koirala's Mallikajaan, the chief courtesan of Heeramandi. Meanwhile, Sharmin, who is also the niece of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the show's creator, has sparked nepotism chatter, leading to online trolling aimed at her. When Shruti was asked to share her thoughts on the issue, she told Pinkvilla, “Honestly, I wasn't aware that people were trolling her until now. I don't know what audiences have liked or not liked about Sharmin, but I've seen her trying her best like everyone else on the sets. It doesn't matter who's being trolled, but trolling is a bad thing to do.”

“Criticism is one thing; healthy criticism is always welcome, but trolling is unacceptable. It is a very negative way of approaching anyone. It is a kind of mental harassment. If it is happening, I am very concerned for her right now,” the actress added.

When asked about comparisons with Sharmin Segal, Shruti Sharma said: “I am really happy with Saima. If Sanjay sir has decided something, he is wise enough to choose his actors. I'm sure it is quite well thought out. You can't question his vision. He has given history to Indian Cinema. It is Sanjay Sir that we're talking about.”

It must be noted that two days ago, in response to the hate comments, Sharmin Segal disabled comments on one of her Instagram posts. The post in question features her with Sanjay Leela Bhansali at the premiere of Heeramandi in Los Angeles, America. Read all about it here.

Sharmin Segal made her debut with Malaal, in 2019, which was backed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Bhansali Productions. “There is nepotism in every field. Those who have connections in the film industry it is a bit easy for them, they get the first opportunity easily. But they have to work very hard. The pressure is there on every film. One should not misuse the opportunity,” Sharmin had said at the trailer launch of the movie.

At the time, Sanjay Leela Bhansali also said: “I am extremely emotional right now. Sharmin was 85-90 kg earlier but she always wanted to be an actor. She has worked hard for what she is today. I am introducing Sharmin and it is a big deal for us.”

Meanwhile, Shruti Sharma has also worked in projects like Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya,  Pagglait and Namak Issk Ka, among others.