Hrithik Roshan On The "Dichotomy" Of Patty. Bonus - Inputs From Fighter Co-Stars Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor

"Call him Patty or Shammi, there was a constant tug of war within him," wrote Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan On The 'Dichotomy' Of Patty. Bonus - Inputs From Fighter Co-Stars Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor

Deepika and Hrithik in Fighter BTS. (courtesy: YouTube)

New Delhi:

Hrithik Roshan is currently basking in all the love coming his way for Fighter,his latest release. The aerial action thriller, directed by Siddharth Anand, features Hrithik Roshan as Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania, a patriot with a complicated past. Now, in a new Instagram post, the superstar has attempted to explore the many facets of the complex character. As per Hrithik Roshan, there exists a dichotomy in the character of Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania, who is referred to as both Patty and Shammi in the movie by the rest of the cast. Hrithik's note about the character is attached to a behind-the-scenes video from the film set. In it, Hrithik Roshan can be seen interacting with people on set ahead of the shoot, asking them how he looks in the garb of an officer.

Director Siddharth Anand also speaks about Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania in the clip and says, “I think Patty is a fiercely patriotic soldier. Puts his country before everything else, before personal egos and relationships and that is why he is so lovable.”

Producers Ajit Andhare and Ramon Chibb also spoke about how Hrithik Roshan was the best fit for the role. Ramon Chibb also added that Hrithik Roshan attended “real, actual live machine briefings” to understand his role as a fighter pilot better. In the video, Hrithik Roshan is also seen interacting with officers to understand the nuances of the role. 

Sitting in the cockpit of a jet, Hrithik Roshan says in the video, “It is amazing that I get to be sitting here. Incredible machine, incredible place, incredible people. Feels like something special. Quite amazing,” turning to smile and wink at the camera.

Anil Kapoor, who plays an important role in the film, also had only words of praise for Hrithik. He says, “ He is very generous as a person, as a human being…he is very hardworking, he is very sincere, he is very committed. He has got a phenomenal presence. A presence which is God-given.” The Beta star also praised Hrithik Roshan for the respect he gave Anil Kapoor and his character in the film. “It takes a lot for such a huge star to stand in one frame and do that,” said Anil Kapoor, who plays Hrithik's commanding officer in the film.

Anil Kapoor also added that when he saw Hrithik in Fiza [2000], he told the star, "No one can touch you for the next 25 years". After seeing Hrithik Roshan's introduction shot in Fighter, Anil Kapoor said: “Again, next 25 years,” referring to Hrithik's superstardom.

To this, Deepika Padukone added, “We all know this person, Hrithik Roshan, on screen, but I think to actually work with him, to see how he functions, to see his process is very fascinating. He is extremely focused because he is such a perfectionist because he wants to get everything right and perfect.” Karan Singh Grover and Akshay Oberoi also only had compliments to shower on the superstar.

Hrithik Roshan, meanwhile, wrote about his character: “The dichotomy of Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania took me some time to wrap my head around. Call him Patty or Shammi, there was a constant tug of war within him. Shammi is deeply vulnerable, Patty is headstrong and laser focused. Shammi is bogged down by guilt, Patty is chasing redemption. Shammi is obedient, Patty is a rule breaker, risk taker. Shammi is seeking his safe haven, Patty finds comfort in the confines of his Sukhoi Su-30 MKI. Shammi is the son, friend and lover, Patty is the #Fighter!

Tagging his collaborators, Hrithik Roshan added: “Thank you @s1danand for giving this dream wings (literally), pushing us to dizzying heights and patiently attuning us to your vision. Thank you to an exceptionally talented cast @deepikapadukone @anilskapoor @iamksgofficial @akshay0beroi @iamsanjeeda , you all inspired me to give my best each and every day.” Replying to the post, Akshay Oberoi said: “What an honour and a privilege to get a chance to work with you. Thank you for the memories!”  “Another 25 years I promise [fire and heart emojis],” Anil Kapoor gushed. “The most hardworking and humble,” Sanjeeda Shaikh said. Actor Ravi Dubey dropped clap emojis.

About Hrithik Roshan's contribution to the film, NDTV's Saibal Chatterjee said in his review: “For the audience, if you aren't a Hrithik Roshan fan or an inveterate admirer of Bollywood's notion of a war film, the challenge is to fight off the overwhelming ennui that quickly sets in and takes the film down with it. But if the presence of Hrithik is enough inducement, Fighter might pass muster. But that is about it…Fighter is also a story of enduring camaraderie between Shamsher and his Air Force Academy batchmate Sartaj Gill (Karan Singh Grover). The relationship between the two Fighter pilots and between Shamsher and Sartaj's wife Saanchi (Sanjeeda Sheikh) lays the foundation for the climax of the film. However, the bromance is a largely one-man affair. Fighter is Hrithik Roshan's film and the screenplay never lets him out of sight.”