Dwayne Johnson Gave His Own Truck To This Man. Here's Why

Isn't he the coolest?

Dwayne Johnson Gave His Own Truck To This Man. Here's Why

Dwayne Johnson with his fan in a still from his video. (Image courtesy: TheRock)


  • Oscar Rodriguez received a surprise gift from Dwayne Johnson
  • The actor gave away his black personal truck to Oscar Rodriguez
  • Oscar got emotional and hugged Dwayne Johnson
New Delhi:

Kindness matters. And what matters, even more, is an acknowledgement of such gestures. When Oscar Rodriguez received a surprise gift from superstar Dwayne Johnson for his acts of kindness, he couldn't help but break into a frenzied excitement. Well, Dwayne surprised us, this time, too. Believe us or not, the actor gave away his black personal truck to Oscar Rodriguez as a token of gratitude. Posting it on Twitter, Dwayne wrote, "He deserves a lot more than my personal truck. Kindness matters to me, so thanks Oscar Rodriguez for being so kind to so many people. You said it right, just before you drove away - it's just love. That's all it is, brother. Just love. Enjoy your new truck dude. DJ."

In the video, we see Dwayne Johnson paying a surprise visit to a movie theatre where his film Red Notice was being screened. At first, the actor steps in and calls out Oscar Rodriguez's name from the crowd of the audience. Then he goes on to elaborate about the man's work, "It's good to meet you, man. Your story really moved me because I hear that you are a personal trainer. You're always keeping it positive and motivational and optimistic. And, you're a leader in your church - westside church." Then, the actor added, "You support and you help make meals for women victims who've been abused by domestic violence. That's really amazing work. I love that you take care of your mom, who is 75."

Next, we see everyone coming outside the movie theatre. Moments later, Dwayne Johnson asks Oscar Rodriguez to follow him. The actor added, “I want to show you something real quick.” The actor then opens the truck's front seat and  says, “ I wrote a card for you.” And, it read, "Thank you for your service, brother. Enjoy your new truck." Oscar Rodriguez broke down at this and could not believe that the superstar was giving him his own truck.

Here is the video that shows the entire conversation between Dwayne Johnson and Oscar Rodriguez:

Fans and followers on Twitter flooded the post with love. One user wrote, "Much love and respect. It is people like you that change the world to be a better place."

Another said that the actor's gesture left him speechless. "Respect for you, man, from the bottom of my heart," he wrote.

A fan commented, "This is just one of the numerous reasons why I'm a huge fan of you."

Indeed, Dwayne Johnson is helping the world become a better place with his kind gestures.