Bigg Boss OTT: Nia Sharma Joins The Contestants As Wild Card Entry

Nia Sharma entered the house as a wild card entry.

Bigg Boss OTT: Nia Sharma Joins The Contestants As Wild Card Entry

Nia Sharma in the Bigg Boss OTT house. (Image courtesy: VootSelect)


  • Nia made quite the splash with her entry
  • She told the housemates that she is the new contestant on the show
  • Nia told Pratik Sehajpal that he is very "good looking"
New Delhi:

Actress Nia Sharma, who is known for her fashion quotient and acting skills, is the latest entrant on Bigg Boss OTT. She has joined the reality show as the first wild card contestant and has made quite the splash with her entry. In a video shared on Instagram by Voot, the platform that is streaming the reality show, Nia is seen entering the Bigg Boss house, much to the surprise of the housemates. Dressed in her fashionable best, she tells the housemates that she is the new contestant on the show. While they all cheer for her, her entry seems to have also created quite a stir between various contestants and their connections.

In the video, Nia is seen telling Pratik Sehajpal that he is very "good looking". Pratik, too, tells Nishant Bhat that Nia Sharma is attractive to which Neha Bhasin asks Pratik not to mess with her. Neha Bhasin is Pratik Sehajpal's connection and was recently tricked by Pratik into believing that he was breaking their partnership to become Divya Agarwal's connection.

But it appears like Neha Bhasin's fears were not unfounded as Pratik Sehajpal is later seen asking Nia Sharma if she was interested in making a connection with him. To this, Nia Sharma asks if Neha Bhasin will "allow that".

And it is not just Pratik Sehajpal that Nia Sharma has an interest in. She was also seen praising Raqesh Bapat and tells him that she would love to talk to him in private. She adds, “If Shamita (Shetty) is okay with it.”

Further, Raqesh tells Nia Sharma, “I like what you are wearing,” to which Pratik Sehajpal tells them that Raqesh is flirting. “I will be glad if he does that,” Nia responds.

Watch the video here:

Nia Sharma's entry and her interest to make a connection with Raqesh Bapat also come at a time when Raqesh and his connection Shamita Shetty are going through a rough patch. Just days after Shamita tore a letter from her mother to save Raqesh from elimination, the two were caught squabbling. It started when Raqesh said that Shamita had begun to crib a lot to which Shamita takes offence.

During the course of the conversation, she reminds him of the fact that she had just torn the letter for him to which he asks her not to make him feel obliged to her. The two storm off saying that they do not want to be with each other.

Bigg Boss OTT is a spinoff of the reality show Bigg Boss. It is being hosted by director-producer Karan Johar.