Bigg Boss 17: It's Sana Raees Khan vs The Rest Of The House

Sana Raees Khan requested Bigg Boss to relieve her of all house duties

Bigg Boss 17: It's Sana Raees Khan vs The Rest Of The House

A still from Bigg Boss 17. (courtesy: colorstv)

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss Season 17 is never short of drama. In the latest promo, we can witness an unexpected move pulled off by Sana Raees Khan that leaves the housemates enraged. In the video, Sana Khan requests Bigg Boss to relieve her of all house duties, and in return, he can take back half of the weekly ration from the house. The scene unfolds with a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink and Sana cheekily questions, "Itne bartan mujhse karwana chahenge? [Do you want me to do so many dishes?]”. Munawar Faruqui pitches in and says, "Bartan dhulne chahiye, mai muhalle me sota hu bhai [Dishes need to be washed. I sleep in this neighbourhood]” Anurag Dobhal promptly declares, "Mai to nahi dhounga [I won't wash them.]”

Enter Sana with a strategic proposal to Bigg Boss: "(Take) Adha [half] ration and I am free from duties." Bigg Boss announces, "Toh mohalle walo aapka aadha weekly ration mera. Vo Sana ki duties se chutti dene ki fees thi. [Your half-weekly ration is mine. That was the fee for granting Sana relief from duties.]”

The bombshell drops and the contestants are not pleased. Abhishek Kumar protests, "Koi khana nahi banayega iske (Sana Khan) liye [No one will cook for her.]” Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi exclaims, "Ye insaaf nahi tha [This was not justice.]” Unaffected, Sana retorts, "Mai apne aap ke saath insaaf karke aai hu [I have brought justice for myself.]” Isha Malviya points out, "Bahut selfishness dikhai usne [She has shown a lot of selfishness.]” The promo concludes with Sana casually stating, "It's a game."

The caption of the video reads, “Sana ne maari baazi aur ho gayi woh house duties se free. Kaisa laga aapko unka yeh game plan? [Sana played her cards right and managed to get herself exempted from house duties. How do you feel about her game plan?]”

In addition to Colors TV, Bigg Boss is presently streaming 24*7 on Jio Cinema.