Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande's Mother-In-Law Lashes Out At Her For Fights With Husband Vicky Jain

Bigg Boss surprised Ankit Lokhande and her husband Vicky Jain by bringing their mothers on the show.

Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande's Mother-In-Law Lashes Out At Her For Fights With Husband Vicky Jain

Image was shared on Instagram. (Courtesy: colorstv)

Bigg Boss 17 is never short of drama. The recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode came loaded with oodles of drama, especially for Ankit Lokhande and her husband Vicky Jain. Bigg Boss surprised the real-life couple by sending their mothers to Tiger's Den. Ankita's mother and Vicky's mom spoke to the couple about their game. Seeing their mothers in front of them, the couple began to cry. On seeing this, Vicky's mother appeared upset with Ankita for not handling him maturely. The makers shared a promo on Instagram that begins with surprised Ankita and Vicky bursting into tears. Vicky's mother can be heard saying, “Rona nahi...Vicky… humne tereko kabhi rote nahi dekha…Tu bahut achha ladka hai. Tere ankhon mein aansu aaj hum pehli baar dekhrhe hain. Nahi rona Vicky. Tu Kitna samjhdaar hai. Hum kya tereko samjhayenge Vicky, pure ghar ko tu sambhalta hai. [Don't cry, Vicky. We never saw you crying. You are a very good boy. We are seeing tears for the first time in your eyes. Don't cry. You are so understanding, what we will make you understand? You are managing the entire house.].”

At this point, Ankita Lokhande can be seen consoling Vicky Jain. Ankita's mother then says, “Malum hai kya horaha hai. Tum game mein itne ghus gaye ho, ki tum jo original ho na Vicky, vo dikh nahi raha hai beta. [Do you know what is happening? You have involved yourself in the game to such an extent that we can't see the original you in the game Vicky.]”

Vicky Jain's mother adds, “Jo tumne rishte bigaad liye na beta. Bhalehi Ankita ki galti. Taali to dono hath se baji na par bajgyi. Bhul jao Vicky usko. Jhagda bhi hua na. Koi bat nai. Miyan biwi mein to chalta hi rehta hai. Lekin ab sudharne ka waqt hai. Jab tumlog milte ho na beta, tab pyar se milo. Pyar ki baatein karo. Humein malum tha humari Ankita kitni hoshiyaar hai, pura handle karlegi. Lekin yha to vipreet game hogaya beta. Kaise sehen hoye beta. [Kids, don't ruin your relationship. Both of you are responsible for it. Now you must forget it all. A fight between husband and wife is common. But now is the time to make things right. When you two meet each other meet with love and talk about love. We knew our Ankita was so mature, that she would handle it all. But things went in the opposite direction. How we can see this].”

The video concluded with Ankita Lokhande apologising to her mother and mother-in-law. She went ahead and took complete responsibility for both of their mistakes as Vicky lent his support to her. Ankita's mother also asks the two to forget what had happened and make things right going forward. She also asked the couple to take out at least one hour for each other in the whole day, so that people can say that they are an ideal couple.

The note attached to the video read, “Moms ne diya Vicky aur Ankita ko gyaan, kya sudhar jaayenge ab unke rishtey ke haal?

In another video shared by Bigg Boss' page on X (formerly Twitter), Ankita Lokhande's mother-in-law appeared upset with her. While Vicky was crying, his mother lashed out at Ankita and said, “Tumhari ladai ghar mein kabhi nahi hui hai aur yahan kitne gandi ladai ho rahi hai. Ab pair maar rahi hai, chappal phek rahi hai. Tum Vicky ko nahi sambhal paa rahi ho [You people never fought in the house, now you [Ankita] are kicking him and throwing slippers at him].”

Meanwhile, Jigna Vora has been eliminated from Bigg Boss 17.