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Bigg Boss 13 Written Update February 4, 2020: Rashami Desai Says There's 'No Future' With Arhaan Khan During Media Interaction

Bigg Boss Season 13 February 4 Update: Sidharth was grilled by media representatives for his aggressive behaviour

Bigg Boss 13 Written Update February 4, 2020: Rashami Desai Says There's 'No Future' With Arhaan Khan During Media Interaction

Bigg Boss 13 Day 129 Update: A still from the show.


  • Bigg Boss organised a press conference for the contestants in the house
  • Asim was questioned about his love life
  • Mahira was asked about her equation with Paras
New Delhi:

The 128th day in the Bigg Boss house was all about drama and pranks. As the date for the finale is getting closer, the contestants are trying to improve their relationships with each other. Knowing that everyone may go their own separate ways once they part, the contestants decided to play a prank on each other. Around mid-day, Aarti and Rashami talked about Shehnaaz and her actions in the house. Later, Aarti, Paras, Mahira and Sidharth decided to team up to scare the housemates. Aarti wore an eerie make-up to scare Shehnaaz, Asim and Rashami and she sort of succeeded in doing that.

The next day was super interesting in the Bigg Boss house. In case you are wondering why, the contestants were asked to interact with media personals at a press conference, held in the garden area. The contestants geared up to face the media. As the conference started, the media started asking the questions and the first one to hold the mic among the contestants was Rashami. A media representative asked her about her relationship status with Arhaan. She said she doesn't see a future with him and wants to focus on her career. Another journalist asked Shehnaaz about the Hindi word for 'flipper' and when she couldn't respond, he explained the meaning and asked her if she wants to portray herself in a wrong light.


A still from Bigg Boss 13.

Shehnaaz then tried to justify her actions and said that while she doesn't want to give out a wrong message, she stands for whom she feels is right irrespective of the teams. Sidharth's turn came next. He was grilled by a media representative about his aggressive behaviour. To this, the actor calmly replied that he merely gives a reaction to an action. He added that he can be good if someone is good with him and that he can do worse if someone is bad to him.


A still from Bigg Boss 13.

Asim was questioned whether he has a girlfriend outside the house or not. He made his point clear by confessing that he isn't dating anyone and is in love with Himanshi. One of the media representatives then asked Asim if he possesses any other talent than showing aggression on the show. When Mahira was quizzed about not listening to her mother's advice and giving a lot of importance to Paras, she said she likes his strategies and that's why she listens to him. On the other hand, Paras was asked about his girlfriend, to which he said he is not there in the house to give a tippini.

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