And Just Like That: A Character's Death On The Show Triggers Fans. Spoiler Alert

And just like that, a big part of Carrie Bradshaw's life changed

And Just Like That: A Character's Death On The Show Triggers Fans. Spoiler Alert

A still from And Just Like That. (courtesy: andjustlikethatmax)


  • And Just Like That released this month
  • It is a reboot of Sex And The City
  • Sarah Jessica Parker has reprised her role
New Delhi:

As if losing Samantha Jones in the show and Stanford Blatch (played by Willie Garson) in real life was not enough, the makers of Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That decided to kill a beloved character and one of the main ones. Well, the character we are talking about is John Preston or Mr Big as show's protagonist Carrie Bradshaw lovingly called him. Chris Noth, who starred as Carrie's husband, was a part of the first season of the show as well as both the Sex And The City films. It would be fair to say that Carrie and Mr Big's love story wasn't all rosy and did not come easy but was surely worth remembering (more on that later). Fans of the series seemed upset and were triggered by Mr Big's death that too in the first episode of the show and here are some tweets that reflect the collective agony of And Just Like That and Sex And The City fans.

"This one hurt," tweeted a fan. Coincidentally Carrie wore the same shoes on the day of Mr Big's death that she wore during the time he proposed to her.

The shoes kept haunting many Twitter users. "It's a sad day for many of us. If you recognize these shoes you'll understand why," wrote a fan.

Here's another take. Not a pleasant one at that.

Another Twitter user wrote: "So you're telling me we waited 17 years... For this? Hell no."

Another fan referred to a scene from the Sex And The City film when Mr Big decided not to marry Carrie. Her reaction. See for yourself.

Straight from the feed of a heartbroken fan, came these words: "Mr Big was more than a character, he was literally the shinning hope to us all that someday we'd find our very own "Big" love."

Sharing a GIF from Carrie and Mr Big's wedding vows, a fan wrote: "And Just Like That, I'm not ok."

For those wondering what was so iconic about Carrie and Mr Big's story, we are here to help. For starters, Carrie and Mr Big's romance was on-and-off throughout the series. Let's just say, Carrie had to go through a parade of some not-so-nice men (count Aiden out) to realise Mr Big was the one. She also had to put up with his wife Natahsa for a while, Big relocating to Napa Valley, his indecisiveness and a trip to Paris to get Mr Big. Phew! After which, she was left at the alter by him. The two finally unite in the first film. In the second film, Carrie cheated on Mr Big with an old boyfriend Aidan Shaw. Last we remember, in the Sex And The City 2 film, they were back together, in love, living in their stunning apartment. Mr Big and Carrie's story finally came to end with the former's death in the reboot series.

And Just Like That, a revival of the hit show Sex And The City, aired on HBO Max on December 9 and it showcases the story of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York Goldenblatt as they navigate love and friendship in their 50s.

Kim Cattrall, who played sexually liberated publicist and one of Carries's besties Samantha Jones, is not a part of And Just Like That. Willie Garson, who starred as Carrie's other bestie Stanford Blatch, was also meant to be a part of the series. However, he died at the age of 57 in September this year. Sarah Jessica Parker posted a eulogy for the actor and an excerpt from her post read: "It's Been Unbearable."