This Article is From Apr 04, 2022

Ananya Panday Discovered The Mute Button On Instagram And It Changed Her Life

"I've learned how to navigate it," Ananya Panday on her relationship with social media

Ananya Panday Discovered The Mute Button On Instagram And It Changed Her Life

Ananya Panday. (courtesy: ananyapanday)


  • Ananya talked about her relationship with social media
  • She said, "I choose what I want to"
  • She elaborated on her bechari and bi** comment

Ananya Panday is currently in a good place as far as social media is concerned, chiefly because of her discovery of the mute feature on Instagram. Social media can be a minefield, as those of us on it will agree. For celebrities like Ananya, it is an especially unforgiving space but one that the 23-year-old actress has learned to navigate smoothly. "Honestly, because of my recent discovery of the Mute feature on Instagram, I choose what I want to see and absorb. So at the moment, my relationship with social media is pretty good," she told Cosmopolitan, reports Pinkvilla

When asked what she means by muting, Ananya explained that instead of blocking or unfollowing, she mutes the account for a certain period until she is ready to allow them back in her life. The actress believes that a person needs to make conscious choices to stay away from negativity. "We end up spending so much time on social media, for work or fun, without realising what we're feeding and nourishing our minds with. I believe that we need to make a conscious choice and switch-it may work for you or it may not. For me, it definitely has. We need to choose what information we allow into our lives because we may think that it won't affect us, but it could in a way that we may not even realise. And that could spill over into our relationships, or cause unnecessary negativity. So rather than blocking or unfollowing, I choose to Mute accounts for a certain period of time until I am ready to allow them back into my life," Ananya told Cosmopolitan. 

Ananya Panday also told Cosmopolitan magazine that social media can become overwhelming. "I've learned how to navigate it. It does get overwhelming being on it... But it's all about learning. And once you realise the truth, it becomes all about acting on it." she said.

Ananya, in an interview, had earlier said that women in the film industry are portrayed in two ways-either the "bechari" or the "b***h". "That phrase is from a book I was reading at the time, and it came up in a conversation, but I do agree with the statement. Even though sometimes artists and performers think they're doing something different, they could still be putting women in a box. I think it's time we began exploring them... I think it's a great time to be an actor right now because people are taking that leap of faith and investing in women and their stories," Ananya Panday told Cosmopolitan as per a report in India Today.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Ananya Panday will be next seen in Liger, alongside Vijay Deverakonda.