This Article is From Jan 16, 2023

RRR And James Cameron: The Reasons Behind Alia Bhatt's "Beautiful Morning"

Alia Bhatt has shared Instagram Stories about the resounding reception that RRR has been receiving

RRR And James Cameron: The Reasons Behind Alia Bhatt's 'Beautiful Morning'

Alia Bhatt shared this picture. (courtesy: aliaabhatt)

Alia Bhatt is on cloud nine. All thanks to her filmRRR. The period drama recently picked up two Critics Choice awards and a Golden Globe award. It has been receiving love from some of the biggest names from the doyens of the cinema world, including James Cameron. Yes, in a new Instagram Stories, Alia Bhatt has re-shared team RRR's post in which it is mentioned that the prolific director enjoyed the film. Sharing the screengrab, Alia said, “Uff, what a beautiful morning.” She added Sun emojis.


The post shared by the team of RRR features a tweet by American journalist Anne Thompson, “RRR wins best foreign film at CCA every bit of awareness helps get more folks to watch it. I introduced myself to S.S. Rajamouli and my tablemate Jim Cameron admires the movie too.” Quote-tweeting it, team RRR wrote, “James Cameron admires RRR... Love you, Sir … #RRRMovie.” 

Following this, Alia Bhatt shared a post, uploaded by SS Rajamouli which showed him interacting with James Cameron. She shared it with the caption: “Icons only,” with a heart emoji.


About his interaction with James Cameron, SS Rajamouli said, “The great James Cameron watched RRR.. He liked it so much that he recommended it to his wife Suzy and watched it again with her. Sir, I still cannot believe you spent a whole 10 minutes with us analysing our movie. As you said I am on top of the world... Thank you both.”

Alia Bhatt also reshared a video of SS Rajamouli's acceptance speech after the film won Best Foreign Language Film at the Critics Choice Awards. She shared the video on Instagram Stories and wrote, “No words needed for this moment.”


SS Rajamouli began his speech in Telugu by saying, “Andariki Namaskaaram,” and asked if he only had 30 seconds for the speech, “To all the women in my life – My mother Rajanandini, she thought school education was overrated and she encouraged me to read comics and story books and she encouraged my creativity. My sister-in-law Srivalli, who became like a mother to me, she always encourages me to be the best version of myself.”

For his wife and daughters, SS Rajamouli said, “My wife Rama, she is a costume designer of my films but more than that she is the designer of my life. If she is not there, I am not here today. To my daughters, they don't do anything, just their smile is enough to light my life up.”

SS Rajamouli ended the speech by saying, “Finally to my motherland, India, Bharat, Mera Bharat Mahan. Jai Hind. Thank you.”

The video was shared with the note: “RRR won the Best Foreign Language Film award at the #CritcsChoiceawards. Here's SS Rajamouli's acceptance speech.”

RRR also bagged the Critics' Choice Award in the Best Song category.