This Article is From Dec 07, 2023

Agastya Nanda To NDTV On The Weird Thing That Happened When He Made His Instagram Account Public

The Zoya Akhtar film marks the Bollywood debut of Agastya Nanda, Suhana Khan and Khushi Kapoor

Agastya Nanda at the NDTV studio

Listen up, folks. It is The Archies release day. The Zoya Akhtar film marks the Bollywood debut of Agastya Nanda, Suhana Khan and Khushi Kapoor. The Archies is a Hindi adaptation of the iconic Archies Comics and can be watched on Netflix. Now, in a recent chat with NDTV, Agastya was asked why he is not there on social media. Well, the reason will make you laugh out loud. He said, “So, I did have a social media account. And I used to get really stressed. What should I post, what filter, what angle, jawline, I used to do all this. And then, I was like you know what, scrap it. I am gonna do some cool artsy thing, and I am not artsy, I am very not. So, I did some cool collage, and I posted it.” Talking about the moment he made his Instagram account public, Agastya added, “So, I thought this is my big reveal, I have arrived. I am going to make a public account and everyone is gonna love me and follow me. But people started unfollowing me. So I had around 800 followers when I was private. I made it public, I reached 20,000. And the day after, I was at 500. So, I was like, how did that even happen? So, now I avoid it. Honestly, that's best if I stay away.”

Agastya Nanda also added how his family and friends reacted to the big “Instagram reveal.” He said, “I swear, I am not joking, my family was sending me articles, because Suhana (Khan), my very great friend, commented on a post saying ‘unfollowing', and my sister (Navya Naveli Nanda) was, ‘what is this?', and someone commented saying, ‘This is rubbish'. So it made news ‘Agastya Nanda's Instagram reveal fails.' This is very bad! So, that's why guys, I am not on social media.”

Agastya Nanda added that he has a “fake account” on Instagram and he loves watching Reels. 

At the premiere of The Archies on Wednesday night, the Bachchans and the Nandas made a blockbuster entry to support Agastya Nanda.  Welcoming Agastya to the world of movies, his uncle, actor Abhishek Bachchan, shared a picture on Instagram and wrote, “All you have to do is reach out and I'll be there to hold your hand. Welcome to the movies, my dearest Agastya!”

The Archies also feature Aditi Dot, Vedang Raina and Mihir Ahuja.