Adhyayan Suman On Ex-Girlfriend Kangana Ranaut: "I've Forgotten The Past"

"Life has moved far ahead," said Adhyayan Suman

Adhyayan Suman On Ex-Girlfriend Kangana Ranaut: 'I've Forgotten The Past'

Adhyayan with Kangana. (courtesy: GoogleadsNinja)

Actor Shekhar Suman will share the screen space with his son Adhyayan Suman in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. Recently, Adhyayan spoke about his past relationship with actress Kangana Ranaut. In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Adhyayan, without taking Kangana Ranaut's name, said, “Aisa koi bhi vakt nahi hai jaha par mai, jinke baare me aap baat kar rahe hai, unke baare mein main discuss bhi karna chahta hu ya baat bhi karna chahta hu because I have forgotten past. Aap puch rahe hai to mai aapko jawab de raha hu but I have given a massive closure to this. Zindagi bahut aage badh chuki hai. [I don't want to discuss or talk about the person you are referring to because I have forgotten the past. If you're asking, I'm giving you an answer, but I have given a massive closure to this. Life has moved far ahead.] It was when I was 20. I am 36 (now).” Adhyayan's comment came after Siddharth asked  Shekhar Suman about his past comments on his son and Kangana's relationship. 

Shekhar Suman also shared his thoughts on Adhyayan Suman's past. He said, “Un panno ko sanjo ke rakhna to matlab bevkufi hogi jo saar chuke hai, gal chuke hai. Vo khatam ho gaye, vo pura itihas hi khatam ho chuka hai. Uske baare me baat karna, baar-baar dohrana. Vo kuch aur daur tha jab aap chote the, hua, aagey badh gaye. Zindagi aage badh gayi, log aage badh jaate hai, duniya aage badh jaati hai. [Holding onto the burnt and decomposed pages would be an act of foolishness. They're finished, the entire history has ended. Talking about them, repeating them (is useless). That was a different era when you were younger, it happened, and you moved forward. Life has progressed, people move on, the world moves on.]”

In the same conversation, Adhyayan Suman was also asked if he had been unlucky in love. The actor answered, “I don't think so. I think bahut log mujhse pyaar karte hai. Aap mujhse itna pyaar karte hai. Romantically bhi, har insaan ki ek journey rehti hai, to meri bhi ek journey rahi hai. I have dated a few people in my life. (I) had a couple of heartbreaks, which is great for me. I genuinely feel, as a performer, maine bahut kuch vaha se seekha hai emotionally apni life me. [I believe that many people love me. You also love me so much. Romantically, every person has their own journey, and I have had mine too.]”

“I believe in love. Mujhe lagta hai ki pyaar se badhke is duniya me koi cheez nahi hai is life mein. And if love (is) used the right way, projected the right way, I think it can take you to places. Chahe to aapka maa-baap ka pyaar ho, chahe vo aap ek ladka ya ladki se pyaar karte ho, jo bhi ho. I think if it is love the right way and if you are in love with the right person. Aapki zindagi badal sakti hai. [I think there is nothing greater than love. And, if love is used and projected correctly, it can take you to places. Whether it's the love of your parents or the love you have for someone, whoever it may be, I think if it's genuine and if you're in love with the right person, it can change your life.],” Adhyayan Suman added.

When asked if he is ready for marriage, Adhyayan Suman replied, “Yeah, I am sure. I am 36 now. Just zindagi mujhe lag raha hai ki ek track pe aani shuru ho chuki hai. [I feel like life has started to move on the right track] In the next 2 years, I would like to get married.”

On the work front, Adhyayan Suman was last seen in the Jio Cinema series Inspector Avinash.